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GIRLS Robotic Camp. Let’s Begin Meet and Greet – Camp leaders introduce themselves – Students introduce themselves.

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1 GIRLS Robotic Camp

2 Let’s Begin Meet and Greet – Camp leaders introduce themselves – Students introduce themselves

3 Overview of Workshop More Robotics Application of Robotics Computer Science Review of Knowledge

4 Let’s Talk Robots Review from summer Robotics Camp – Overview of robots – Review logic and applying logic to computer science – Discuss input and output – Explore robot parts and how those parts are used – Experiment with MindStorm Software and components

5 Robot Components Your definition of a robot How does a robot operate – What components does a robot need to operate Reason for robots – Help Humans Handle hazardous tasks Perform repetitive tasks

6 Input, Output, Operation Conventional Input – Keyboard, Mouse – Microphone, Camera Robotic Input – Sensors Push button Ultrasonic Color

7 Input, Output, Operation Operation – Think arithmetic! Cognitive thinking (Use brain to solve problems) Decision making Problem solving Manual operation – Write problems down on paper and try to solve Automatic operation – Calculator our robot – Enter calculation and provides annswer

8 Input, Output, Operation Conventional Output – Display, Speakers, Printer Robotic Output – Motions – Sounds – Display

9 Input, Output, Operation Robots really are computers themselves – Robots think input, output, and operation Humans are the same – Think input, output, and operation

10 Summary Short recap – Robot performs complex tasks – Robots need a power source and central controller – Use sensors to gather information – Thinks input, output, and operation – Legs, arms, and wheels for movement

11 MindStorm Let’s open MindStorm kits and identify the parts

12 MindStorm Using the MindStorm software

13 Create A New Program You can create a new program or open a program you previously created Once you have a name for your program, select go!

14 Let’s Begin Programming

15 Step One Place block here

16 Identify Software Features Motion Features – Active Port – Power – Direction – Duration Rotation Degrees Time – Steering – Brake or coast modes

17 Ports What are ports? – Cables connecting brain to components. A, B, C – Used for controlling motors. – Input picture here 1,2,3,4 – Used for connect to the sensors. – Input picture here – We will learn more about these later.

18 Control The Direction Dragging the arrow left/right changes the direction that the robot will move. – This feature is only active when two motors are selected. It controls forward, backward, or stop.

19 Duration Of Activity Duration effects how long the block is active. Types of Duration – Degrees – Unlimited – Time – Rotation

20 Mindstorm Sensors

21 Touch Sensor

22 Ultrasonic Sensor Can tell distance to an object

23 Color Sensor

24 Time Sensor

25 Sound Sensor

26 Light Sensor

27 Rotation Sensor

28 Motion

29 Programming: Using Loops Loop is used to do things over and over You can do things forever, or a certain number of times You drag actions into the loop and that is what gets done

30 Loop Example: Play sound over and over

31 Programming: Switch Statement Switch Statements are for making decision For example, we might want to move forward if the button is pressed, and move backwards if not.

32 Switch Statement Here we have a loop with a switch statement inside. You drag actions inside the switch statement. The Move Action on top is what to do if the button is pressed. The Move Action on the bottom is what happens if the button is not pressed

33 Review Robot Input – Touch Sensor Pressed Released Bumped – Color Sensor ROYGBIV Light or Dark – Ultrasonic Sensor Determining Distance Near or Far Programming Inputs – Wires

34 Review Robot Output – Display Text Picture – Sounds – Color lamp – Motors Programming Block Output – Wires

35 Review Motion – How does power of the motors affect the bot? Distance Speed Steering – How do we steer? By rotating one motor faster than the other. How do we turn sharper?

36 Review Rotation – Three types of rotation Degrees Rotations Time 1 Rotation is equivalent to 360 degrees. – How many degrees would be in 3 rotations? Time Infinite Seconds

37 Review Operation – Loop Repetition Unlimited Limited – Switch Logic True or False If this then that, Or else this then that

38 Review Math – Adding – Subtracting – Multiplication – Division Variable – 5x + 20 + 55= 15 – X=?

39 Review Compare – Equal To 12=12 – Greater Than 24>7 – Less Than 2<3

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