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Capturing Our Progress Claffy, Feamster, Partridge, Seshan.

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1 Capturing Our Progress Claffy, Feamster, Partridge, Seshan

2 High-Level Conclusion Enough content already! Fish the good stuff out of whats already there

3 Key Problem: Dissemination Timeliness of publication Some level of editorial effort before anything goes out Moderation, exclusive membership, etc. on mailing list Mechanism less important than content

4 Option 1 Document series w/benevolent dictator Doesnt matter who it is, but getting feedback is a useful process

5 Option 2 ArXiv + Digg Weighted digs? Will the overall average ratings of semi- knowledgeable people work out? –One hypothesis: tail works out Will knowledgeable reviewers be too busy? –Goal: >= 1 competent reader on each paper Gaming the system? Not a huge worry… Anonymous coward comments? –Good mechanism (perhaps initial negative score)

6 Option 3 Combination of the two ideas One solid 3 rd party review can provide feedback to dramatically improve content –What incentives/mechanisms would be required here? –Writing issues on good ideas get fixed Pre-filtering + Login + Ratings –Vetted/reputable reviewers (cf. Amazon)

7 Relation to Current Dissemination Mechanisms Pointers to online discussion of dumping/online discussion as part of review process for existing venues? Conference of top hits? No. –Good stuff probably going to appear elsewhere anyhow –Dissemination is already taken care of

8 Thoughts on Wiki How will it help at this point? A bit premature Good for small managed projects Instead: have people put their own ideas on paper Too top down! –What would we put on the wiki? –What would the partitioning be? Instead: paper corpus

9 Other Random Examples Example: Slashdot –Works once it reaches critical mass Example: GPL3 –Healthy collaborative document editing –

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