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(in)Formal Structures in the Wider Black Sea Region Asbed Kotchikian Florida State University, 2008.

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1 (in)Formal Structures in the Wider Black Sea Region Asbed Kotchikian Florida State University, 2008

2 Todays Presentation Concept of regionalism in Wider Black Sea (WBS) Formal vs. Informal institutions Nature of various structures in WBS region

3 Previous Scholarship Brenner, Neil. Beyond State-Centrism? Space, Territoriality, and Geographical Scale in Globalization Studies. Theory and Society 28, no. 1 (Feb. 1999): 39-78. Browning, Christopher S. The Region-Building Approach Revisited: The Continued othering of Russia in Discourses of Region-Building in the European North. Geopolitics 8, no. 1 (Spring 2003)): 45-71. Jones, Alun. Narrative-Based Production of State Spaces for International Region Building: Europeanization and the Mediterranean. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 96, no. 2 (June 2006): 415-431. Keohane, Robert. After Hegemony: Cooperation and discord in the World Political Economy. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1984. Keohane, Robert. International Institutions: Two Approaches. International Studies Quarterly 32, no. 4 (December 1988): 379-396. Nicolaïdis, Kalypso & Robert Howse. This is my EUtopia: Narrative as Power. Journal of Common Market Studies 40, no. 4 (2002): 767-792. Ó Tuathail, Gearóid. Reasserting the Regional: Political Geography and Geopolitics in a World Thinly Known. Political Geography 22, (2003): 653–655.

4 Why Regionalism? Respond to globalizing tendencies Construct new economic architectures Disseminate values and beliefs Manage geopolitical constructions

5 How Regionalism? Construct geopolitical, institutional/legal & cultural boundaries Define & institutionalize relations between various actors Determine a framework of political actions

6 When Regionalism? Natural progression towards integration Common security threats Alignment of future vision Regionalism enables countries in a whole variety of ways and at a whole variety of scales, to insulate themselves in places from what they see as the cultural, social, political and, ultimately, threats from undesirable others. Ron Johnston, Territory and Territoriality in Political Geography

7 WBS as a Region? Imagined space with real countries & boundaries Diversity in culture, historical experiences, & security concerns Lack of a common regional narrative

8 WBS for Whom? EU/Western drive to create a manageable region Securing energy corridors Resolving conflicts? International region building, is characteristically messy, problematic, & highly contested. It involves the construction of increasingly complex relations among political actors at different scales, sites, and institutions. Erik Swyngedouw. Authoritarian Governance, Power, & the Politics of Rescaling

9 Defining Cooperation Actors not in harmony brought together by: Conforming their outlook Coordinating their policies Resolving discord

10 Organizations & Institutions Provide forum for interaction Risk of being dominated by influential actors (when there is no balance of power) Provide security for small countries

11 Formal Organizations Have explicit rules & specific assignments of roles Capacity for action by raising & spending money Promulgate politics & make discretionary choices

12 Formal Structures in WBS Limited mandate & impact -Black Sea Economic Cooperation -Organization for Democracy and Economic Development-GUAM -BLACKSEAFOR Increase rivalry among stronger actors

13 Informal Structures in WBS Alleviate the issue of Montreux Convention (1936) Create low risk/high return results EU neighborhood policies & stability pacts

14 Whats Next for WBS? Maintain a high level of informality -Limit EUs Russias & Turkeys influence -Create a framework for weaker states to develop a sense of ownership Develop a common WBS narrative -Who is in & who is out? -Scholarly & policy interaction before political one

15 Whats Next for WBS? Create sub-regions? -Manageable cooperation -Organic integration Clarify expectations from WBS -Its the oil, stupid! -Is it conflict resolution?

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