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Anna Maria Johansson European Commission, DG Research and Innovation Unit B3 - Research Infrastructures Research Infrastructures EU strategy and opportunities.

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1 Anna Maria Johansson European Commission, DG Research and Innovation Unit B3 - Research Infrastructures Research Infrastructures EU strategy and opportunities for cooperation Odessa, November 1, 2011

2 Facilities, resources, and related services used by the scientific community Major scientific equipment Scientific collections, archives and structured information ICT-based infrastructures Extending the frontiers of knowledge Exchanging and transmitting knowledge Training the next generation of top researchers Supporting industrial innovation

3 Importance of a European approach for Research Infrastructures lTo open access to instruments and services not available in one country, and improve services lTo connect national research communities and increase the overall quality of the research lTo share construction and operation costs lTo develop interoperability of facilities and resources lTo exchange best practice lTo become an international partner

4 FP7 actions for Research Infrastructures lOptimising the use and development of the best existing research infrastructures in Europe èE-Infrastructures èIntegrating Activities lHelping to create in all fields of S&T new research infrastructures of pan-European interest needed by the European scientific community èDesign studies èPreparatory Phase of ESFRI projects èImplementation Phase of ESFRI projects

5 Integrating Activities lObjective èTo bring together and integrate, on a European scale, key research infrastructures in a given class, in order to promote their coordinated use and development lMandatory activities èNetworking Activities èTrans-national Access and/or Service Activities èJoint Research Activities

6 Design Studies lObjectives: to contribute to conceptual design studies for new research infrastructures, that demonstrates a clear European dimension and interest. lMajor upgrades of existing infrastructures may also be considered, when the end result is the develpmemnt of a new type or form of research infrastructure with a clear value at European level lOpen for all fields of S&T

7 Preparatory phase lObjectives: to provide catalytic and leveraging support for the preparatory phase leading to the construction of new RIs èBuilding primarily upon the work conducted by ESFRI èBringing the project to the level of legal and financial maturity èInvolving all the necessary stakeholders to make the project move forward, take decision, etc. lActivities: legal work, governance, strategic work, financial work and, if necessary, technical work

8 Implementation phase Objectives: to support the actual implementation of new research infrastructures (or major upgrades of existing ones). The implementation phase should include all appropriate coordination activities as well as the relevant technical work.

9 Support to policy development and programme implementation lObjectives: to enhance the effectiveness and coherence of national and Community research policies, international cooperation and the analysis of emerging needs in the field of RIs

10 FP7 contribution to ENV Sciences RIs (~125 M of EU contribution) Biodiversity SYNTHESIS2, EXPEER, INTERACT, INCREASE, TREES4FUTURE, ANAEE, LIFEWATCH, SIOS-PP Earth Sciences NERA, EMSO, EPOS, EISCAT_3D_2 Atmospheric Sciences ACTRIS, EUFAR, EUROCHAMP2, EUSAAR, IMECC, InGOS, EISCAT, ICOS, COPAL, IAGOS, ARISE Marine Sciences EUROFLEETS, JERICO, MESOAQUA, SeaDataNet2, UPG.BSS, EMSO, EURO-ARGO, GROOM Climate change and resource efficiency (Major societal challenges – Innovation Union 2020) Climate Change IS-ENES, INCREASE, EXPEER, ICOS, SIOS-PP Polar research INTERACT, ERICON-AB, SIOS-PP

11 ESFRI – European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures lSet up by the EU Council of Research Ministers in 2002 lBrings together representatives of Ministers of the 27 Member States, 10 Associated States, and of the European Commission lSupports a coherent and strategy-led approach to policy making on Research Infrastructures lMandate to develop a Roadmap (2006) and its updates (2008, 2010) ècontains 48 projects èrequiring major financial investment (~20 b) and long term commitment for operation (~2 b/year)

12 Implementation « A combination of resources from national budgets, Community programmes, EIB instruments and structural funds should lead to the development of excellent research infrastructures throughout Europe » Competitiveness (Internal Market, Industry and Research) Council of March 5-6, 2009

13 National Roadmaps for Research Infrastructures Roadmap in place Roadmap under preparation National funding reserved for new/updated RIs

14 ERIC: European Research Infrastructure Consortium lA new legal framework, at EU level, to facilitate the joint establishment and operation of Research Infrastructures of European interest among several countries lA legal personality recognised in all EU Member States lNon-EU countries can be members lCurrent status: èFirst ERIC status awarded to SHARE on 17 March 2011 èOther applications under progress CLARIN, ECRIN, EuroArgo

15 l« Europe 2020 », the European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth (COM(2010) 2020) lSeven flagship initiatives l« Innovation Union » flagship initiative: èEndorsed by Heads of State in early 2011 èComprehensive set of actions to stimulate research and innovation èSeamless support from basic science to the support of market implementation of innovative developments EU perspectives

16 l« … opening of Member State operated research infrastructures to the full European user community… » l« By 2015 (…) have completed or launched the construction of 60% of the priority European research infrastructures currently identified by the ESFRI (…). The Member States are invited to review their Operational Programmes to facilitate the use of cohesion policy money for this purpose.» l« The European Union should step up its cooperation on the roll-out of the global research infrastructures… » Research Infrastructures Commitments within Innovation Union

17 l The European programme for Research and Innovation for the period 2014–2020 lBuilding on the activities of the current FP7, the Competitiveness and Innovation programme (CIP) and the European Institute for Technology (EIT), with three pillars: èExcellent science base èIndustrial leadership and competitive frameworks èTackling societal challenges lCommission proposal for a budget of 80 Billion Horizon 2020

18 Timeline lSpecific consultation workshops èJune - July 2011 lEC Multi-Annual financial Framework èAdopted 29 June 2011 lCommission proposal (Horizon 2020) èend of 2011 (currently in ISC) lLegislative decisions on the Common Strategic Framework by Council and European Parliament èduring 2012-2013 lCommon Strategic Framework èfrom 2014

19 1. Optimise the use and development of European RIs Support the development, implementation and operation of ESFRI projects and other major infrastructures of European wide relevance Facilitate the integration of and access to national research infrastructures Support the development, deployment and operation of ICT-based e- Infrastructures 2. Foster the human and innovation potential of RIs Strengthen the technological innovation potential of RIs Strengthen the human potential of RIs 3. Reinforce the consistency of the European Research Infrastructure policy Main part Increased emphasis Essential EC actions Research Infrastructures Potential objectives within Horizon 2020

20 ERA framework Heads of State and Government set out in Feb. 2011 the ambitious goal of completing the ERA by 2014 with the creation of a single market for knowledge, research and innovation. Public consultation on the Framework launched on Sept.13 (until 30 November 2011) Link to the consultation: consultation_en.htm

21 For further information lEurope 2020 è lInnovation Union è lConsultation CSFRI (« green paper ») è lFP7 è lEC Research Infrastructures and ESFRI è lEC Regional Policy è

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