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Priority 3 Call for proposals 2004 Antoaneta Folea Unit Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies Directorate Industrial Technologies Research Directorate-general.

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1 Priority 3 Call for proposals 2004 Antoaneta Folea Unit Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies Directorate Industrial Technologies Research Directorate-general European Commission These pages do not represent any commitment on behalf of the European Commission. Please refer to official documents. See, e.g.:;;

2 Participation in FP6 projects What does this mean ?... Apply Co-ordinator Partner Consortium to coordinateContacts Consortium to be involved inContacts

3 Participation in FP6 projects What does this mean ?... To be successful Co-ordinator Partner topic Selection of the topic partners Selection of the partners rules Knowledge of the rules how to write a proposal Knowledge of how to write a proposal good co-ordinator Selection of a good co-ordinator

4 How to make contacts ? The network of « friends of our friends » Conferences !! Publications List of funded projects on the EC website (e.g. nano-projects) Send direct emails !!! Search for partners on CORDIS ( National Contact Points (NCP): - list of NCPs in Europe ( - Romanian NCPs (e.g. Ms Letitia Clara Stanila,

5 To participate in FP6 ? Not THAT difficult… … if we know how it works … Ministry(ies) Institutes / Universities Departments Directorate(s) General(s) Directions Units NPRDI FP6 RELANSIN INFRAS CALIST CORINT AGRAL MENER AMTRANS VIASAN INVENT INFOSOC BIOTECH MATNANTECH AEROSPATIAL CERES AMCSIT RENAR ASE MECT USAMV UPB IPA S.A. ACAD. ST. MED. INMA ICI USAMV UPB ASR IFA RELANSIN INFRAS CALIST CORINT AGRAL MENER AMTRANS VIASAN INVENT INFOSOC BIOTECH MATNANTECH AEROSPATIAL CERES Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3 Priority 4 Priority 5 Priority 6 Priority 7 DG RTD – Direction F DG INFSO – Direction C DG RTD – Direction G DG RTD – Direction H DG RTD – Direction E DG RTD – Direction I DG RTD – Direction K

6 How it works … Directorate General Research (DG RTD) Directions A, B, C, …, L Units Strategy and politics [Thematic, Scientific] Admin and finance Directorate G – Industrial Technologies e.g. Directorate G – Industrial Technologies (Ezio Andreta) Unit G1 Strategy and policy (Nick Hartley) Unit G2 Products, processes, organisations (Herve Pero) Unit G3 Materials (Jose Lorenzo Valles) Unit G4 Nanosciences and nanotechnologies (Renzo Tomellini) Unit G5 Administration and finance (Bernd Reichert) Unit G6 Research fund for coal and steel (Pierre Vannson)

7 Source:

8 How it works … Proposal When starting a proposal, we need to know: deadline When is the deadline ? Is it enough time to prepare the proposal ? ideatopics What idea ? do I know which are the topics addressed by the call ? instrument What type of instrument is more suitable for my idea ? do I know which are the instruments and the differences between them ? contact Who should I contact ? do I know researchers acting in the field of the topic ? Do I want to be a co-ordinator or just a partner ? help Who can help me in setting up the proposal ? me my organisation (colleagues, financial dept., legal dept.) consultancy firm Romanian NCPs National representative at EC

9 Deadline Call CodeInstrument Deadline Budget (provis.) NMP-NI-3 IP and NEMarch 2, 2004 (1st stage) 245 M June 22, 2004 (2nd stage) NMP-TI-3 STREP, CA, SSAMay 12, 2004 (single stage) 105 M NMP-SME-3 IP for SMEsMarch 2, 2004 (1st stage) 80 M June 22, 2004 (2nd stage) NMP-STEEL-3 IPMarch 17, 2004 (single stage) 25 M (20 for P3) IST-NMP-3 IP,NE,STREPto be defined 180 M (90 for P3) Calls for proposals in 2004 Priority 3

10 Focus on 9 topics: Self-organisation and self-assembling (STREP) Molecular motors (STREP) Expanding knowledge in size-dependent phenomena (SSA) New knowledge on interfaces for new applications (STREP) Nanostructured surfaces (IP) Industrially relevant production of nanoparticles (IP) Characterisation/ manipulation, devices & techniques (STREP) Impact on human health and environment (SSA; CA) Ethical, legal, social aspects of research in nanotechnology (SSA) AREA 1: AREA 1: Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies Topics Next Call 2004

11 Focus on 10 topics: Understanding materials phenomena (NE, CA) Modelling and design of multifunctional materials (STREP) Materials processing by radically innovative techn. (STREP) Development of nanostructured materials (IP) Intelligent biomaterials for tissue repair / regeneration (STREP) Tribology-related surface eng. for multifunctional materials (IP) Bio-inspired and Organic/Inorganic Hybrid materials (STREP) Higher perf. multi-materials for macro-scale applications (IP) Measurement and testing of new multi- functional materials (CA) Mapping and foresight activities (SSA) Topics Next Call 2004 AREA 2: AREA 2: KB multifunctional materials

12 Focus on 7 topics: User-friendly prod. technologies, factory of the future (IP, CA) New prod. technologies for high added value products, exploiting nanoscale precision engineering techniques (IP) Support to the dev. of new KB added value products / services in traditional less RTD intensive industries (IP for SMEs) Hazard reduction in production plant and storage sites (IP) Support to the development of new KB and sustainable processes and eco-innovation (IP for SMEs) Safety, environmental technologies for ind. production (STREP) Increasing "user awareness" for sust. consumption (CA, SSA) Topics Next Call 2004 AREA 3: AREA 3: New Production Processes / Devices

13 Integrated Projects (IP) for Human-friendly, safe and efficient construction, New generation of multifunctional materials and technologies for surface transport, Mastering chemicals and creating new eco-efficient processes and synthesis routes (NE also) Also, coordination across Member States (MS) and Candidate Countries (ACC) with National Contact Points (NCPs) (CA) Topics Next Call 2004 AREA 4 (NEW FOCUS) : AREA 4 (NEW FOCUS) : Integration for improved construction, chemicals, surface transport

14 Focus on four topics: Very low CO2 steel production processes (IP) Coordinated call with the Research Fund for Coal and Steel and Integrating technologies for fast and flexible manufacturing (IP, STREP, SSA) Bio-sensors for better diagnostics (IP, STREP) Nano-Electronics (IP, NE, STREP) Joint call with Priority 2 The call that is now open AREA 5: AREA 5: Cross-priorities activities


16 Coordination Actions (CA) Networks of Excellence (NE) Integrated Projects (IP) Specific Targeted Research Projects (STREP) Traditional projects Stairways of excellence Specific Support Actions (SSA) New Instruments Instruments

17 Networks of excellence Strengthen excellence in a research domain Aim at integration Joint programme of activities Seeking continuity Autocatalytic knowledge mass for excellence EC funds: depending on integrated resources Society problems & competitiveness Aim at exploitation Implementation plan (pre-defined results) Limited in time Critical mass for problem solving EC funds: depending on estimated costs Integrated projects versus New instruments New instruments

18 Integrated Projects (IP) Aim: flagship, ambitious, leading to radical innovation and transformation of industry in the long term Strong industrial participation and even leadership From fixed objectives to new applicable knowledge Positive image of industrial research Include inter-related activities New Instruments

19 Networks of Excellence (NE) Aim: Lasting integration of long-term research to overcome fragmentation Contribution to advancing knowledge for sustainability, competitiveness and dynamism of EU industry; Scientific excellence is imperative Include Joint Programme of Activities to induce organisational change; research included, only if contributing to durable integration New Instruments

20 Stimulating cooperation to improve research competencies EC funds only for coordination activities Similar structure as traditional projects Research at frontier of knowledge EC funds for RTD activities Traditional instruments Traditional instruments Specific targeted research projects (STREP) Coordination actions (CA) Foresight activities Interaction with regulators and public authorities Specific support actions (SSA)

21 Specific Targeted REsearch Projects (STREP) at frontiers of knowledge: support long-term innovation and transformation of industry Coordination Actions (CA) - strengthen links between national, regional and EC RTD projects, co-ordination with EUREKA, COST and ESF actions: CA NE!!! Specific Support Actions (SSA) - preparing future research activities and scenarios, effective communication, road-maps Traditional Instruments

22 High subscription Good S&T quality and coverage of topics Need for more industrial participation, however very good SME participation Need for selective use of instruments and increased concentration of topics Two stage procedure to be simplified Need for better training of coordinators as well as experts; importance of NCPs NMP calls in 2003 Lessons learnt

23 Simpler, shorter Stage 1: Incomplete outline IPNERelevance to callPotential Impact S/T excellence Threshold :12/158/10 20 pages strict maximum Go/No-go after Stage 1; Full proposal in Stage 2 NMP calls in 2004 Whats new? - (i) Revision of 2-stage submission and evaluation procedure

24 More emphasis on industrial participation Selective use of instruments (usually only one single instrument per topic) More topics addressed by IPs than by NE Higher integration of topics (see Area 4) Emphasis on integration and multidisciplinarity WP 2004 and next calls Whats new? - (ii)

25 How it works … Call for proposals Evaluation Negotiation Contract Reports Mid Term Report Final Report Technical Financial Management Technical Management Technical Financial Management

26 National bureaucracyEC bureaucracy Proposal: Forms A: A1, A1.1, A1.1 – annex 1, A1.1 – annex 2, A1.2, A2, A2.1, A2.2 Forms B: B1, B2 Forms C: Annex 1 Forms D: D1, D2, D3, D4 Project: Scientifical Report Financial Report Deliverables Proposal: Forms A: A1, A2, A3 Forms B: B1-8 Project: Scientifical Report Management Report Financial Report Deliverables ~ 13.000 Euro (D, F, T) ~ 20.000 (A, V) ~ 2.000.000 Euro (STREP) ~ 5.000.000 Euro (NoE) ~ 10.000.000 Euro (IP)

27 Don't wait for the right opportunity: create it George Bernard Show

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