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Unit 6 Food and lifestyle

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1 Unit 6 Food and lifestyle

2 Nouns 名词 Countable Nouns Uncountable Nouns 可数名词 不可数名词

3 Can you help them find the right family?
apple orange cup plate egg dish tea salt beef bread hamburger potato Coke bowl juice meat milk rice tomato paper apple orange cup plate egg dish hamburger potato bowl tomato tea salt beef bread Coke juice meat milk rice paper countable uncountable

4 Task 1 : Countable Nouns an apple a pear a banana an orange an egg a carrot

5 a an hamburger. cake. egg. orange. I want to
We use ‘a’ or ‘an’ before a singular countable noun. If the noun starts with a vowel(元音) sound, we use ‘an’. I want to buy a hamburger. cake. an egg. orange. [ e ] [Ɔ ]

6 a pig two pigs a dog two dogs

7 a banana many bananas an orange two oranges

8 1.Most nouns +s a cat a bird four cats two birds

9 a library two libraries

10 2.Nouns ending in a consonant +y
- y+ies a story(故事n.) some stories A boy –two boys

11 a bus three buses

12 3.Nouns ending in s,sh,ch or x
a box 3.Nouns ending in s,sh,ch or x +es eight boxes a watch two watches

13 a photo some photos three tomatoes a tomato a potato some potatoes
4.Nouns ending in o +s or +es three tomatoes a tomato a potato some potatoes some mangoes a mango

14 Heroes love mangoes, tomatoes and potatoes! a hero
some heroes 英雄爱吃芒果西红柿和土豆!

15 5.Nouns ending in f or fe - f/fe +ves two shelves a shelf(架子n.)

16 Japanese 6.Some other nouns man foot sheep woman tooth child men children women teeth feet Chinese Chinese

17 Singular(单数) plural(复数)
Most nouns +s a cake→cakes Nouns ending in a consonant +y -y +ies a story (故事n.) →stories baby → babies, library → libraries Nouns ending in s, sh, ch, or x +es a glass →glasses, a wish →wishes, a watch →watches, a box →boxes Nouns ending in o +s or es a potato(土豆n.) →potatoes, a radio → radios,a mango →mangoes, Nouns ending in f or fe -f or- fe +ves a shelf (架子n.) →shelves, a knife (刀n.)→knives Some other nouns man →men, woman →women, foot→feet, tooth→teeth, child →children sheep →sheep, deer→deer, Chinese→Chinese , Japanese →Japanese

18 Task2:Practise cake library watch woman tomato Chinese match fox
potato life monkey glass bike kilo cat foot bird half knife family wish child cakes libraries watches women tomatoes Chinese matches foxes potatoes lives monkeys glasses bikes kilos cats feet halves birds knives families children wishes

19 十一个婴儿 九个男孩 四个班级 我的五张相片 六头大象 三个好朋友 十八只猴子 七把小刀 eleven babies nine boys four classes my five photos six elephants three good friends eighteen monkeys seven knives

20 a…of + uncountable noun
Task 3 : Uncountable Nouns We can also use nouns in front of uncountable nouns to show their amounts. a…of + uncountable noun a plate of meat a glass of milk

21 a…of + uncountable noun
a cup of tea a packet of salt a bowl of rice

22 a cup of tea two cups of tea

23 a glass of water two glasses of water

24 a bottle of coke six bottles of coke

25 a packet of salt two packets of salt

26 a kilo of fish three kilos of fish


28 Finish and write the nouns in the correct column of the table.
Millie: Mum ,What do we need? Mrs. Wang: We need some _________, a____ of_____ and a ________ of____. Millie: Do we need to buy some _______? chicken bag rice packet salt vegetables

29 Mrs. Wang: Yes. Let’s buy some_______ and _________.
Millie: I want to buy some__________. They are Grandpa’s favourite, And we have only an _______. We need to buy some, too. carrots potatoes mangoes apple Mrs. Wang: OK. We can also buy a few _________of ______. juice bottles

30 bag packet apple vegetables carrots potatoes oranges bottles chicken rice salt

31 Task4:Practise 1 十二个鸡蛋 一个橘子 三碗米饭 七瓶牛奶 五千克肉 六把小刀 两篮土豆 四袋盐 twelve eggs
an orange three bowls of rice seven bottles of milk five kilos of meat six knives two baskets of potatoes four packets of salt

32 some milk an hour two bags of rice five kilos of meat
一些牛奶 一个小时 两袋 大米 五公斤肉 几袋盐 一杯茶 三碗汤 两瓶牛奶 一篮水果 some milk an hour two bags of rice five kilos of meat some packets of salt a cup of tea three bowls of soup two glasses of milk a basket of fruit

33 What is on the teacher’s desk? A: Is/are there a/any ……
B: Yes, there is/are ……/No…… orange apple pear milk tomato potato bread juice salt sugar

34 What’s wrong with the sentences?
1.There is many juice in the glass. much Help !! 2.There are some bread on the table. is 3.Is there two glasses of milk in our classroom? Are 4.There is some pork and beefs on the table. beef 5.There is an meat in the box. some 6.There are an orange and two bags of rice there. is

35 Exercise Time !!

36 Homework: 1.Revise grammar. 2.Do some exercises.


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