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2000 Test Roadmap Update Don Edenfeld Mike Rodgers ITRS Test TWG.

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1 2000 Test Roadmap Update Don Edenfeld Mike Rodgers ITRS Test TWG

2 December 6, Test TWG Membership US Members Name Company Mark BaberLucent Bill OrtnerLucent Yi CaiLucent Richard AntleyTI Marc MydillTI Anne GattikerIBM Don WheaterIBM Phil NighIBM Atul GoelAgilent Peter MaxwellAgilent Tim SheenTeradyne Lee SongTeradyne Paul RoddyMotorola Jay BedsoleMotorola Don EdenfeldIntel Roger BarthIntel Michael RogersIntel Rochit RajsumanAdvantest Yervant ZorianLogicVision International Members NameCompany Peter MuhmenthalerInfineon Rene SegersPhilips Kazumi Hatayama Hitachi Mr. OhtaMatsushita Mr. SatouHitachi Kang Chil LeeHyundai

3 December 6, Test Chapter Update DFT Tester Table The DFT Tester Table debuted in the 1999 edition The 2000 update represents the trends that were described in the 1999 edition Significant changes are intended to clarify the requirements based on the significant industry confusion evident in 2000 This table will receive significant focus for the 2001 edition Commodity Flash Table In 2000 minor adjustments were made to the trends that were described in the 1999 edition Requirements for a scan vector capability were added to address a growing trend towards integration of logic on flash devices

4 December 6, Industry Trend - Cost Manufacturing cost continues to be the dominant factor in test Test represents an increasing percentage of overall device manufacturing cost 1999 edition cost targets begin to trend cost in the right direction Cost of Silicon Mfg and Test cost: cents /transistor Fab capital / transistor Test capital / transistor Based on 97 SIA Roadmap Data & 99 ITRS Roadmap 1999 Roadmap

5 December 6, Industry Trend - SoC Demand for small form factors and low power solutions drive increased integration Increasing levels of design integration drive new test challenges Integration of logic, analog, RF, RAM, ROM, and/or Flash on a single chip is on the horizon How to test highly integrated components at a cost consistent with the market for these devices? Flash SRAM DSP uController RF Analog

6 December 6, Industry Trend - Wireless Dramatic growth in the consumer wireless market segment over the foreseeable future requires cost effective solutions for RF testing 2.4GHz and 5.2GHz bands are targeted for a large number of products in many applications (Bluetooth, x, …)

7 December 6, Industry Trend - HSS High speed serial (HSS) technologies are not just for long range communication anymore Serial communication is becoming the technology of choice for peripheral connectivity Slow parallel bus architectures are being replaced by Firewire, Infiniband, and other HSS solutions Traditional rack and stack approach to test of high speed ports is too expensive

8 December 6, Industry Trend – Burn-in Shrinking fab process feature sizes and increasing transistor performance challenge device burn-in infrastructure and capability Capability Exists Technology Exists $$ Technology Development Required $$$$ Die Size (mils) BI Power (W) Mean Power in Burn-In Increased transistor performance leads to increasing power and thermal demand in burn-in Burn-in cost trend is increasing faster than other parameters as a component of overall test cost

9 December 6, Industry Trend - Power Once an afterthought, precise power delivery is crucial for high performance designs Voltage droop during test has a direct impact on manufacturing yield High current power delivery requires accurate modeling and simulation of the entire power path High precision analog circuits require very stable references 0A IDD VCC Time DUT Current Load Step Voltage as Seen by DUT

10 December 6, Industry Trend - Diagnosis Validation and debug of complex designs require an increased level of interactivity between design automation and test equipment Correlation must be established between a device failure and the actual failing circuit node Automation tools are needed to shorten the process of tracing failures to the failing circuit as a direct impact to time to market Emerging packaging technologies compromise existing failure analysis techniques Flip-chip and multi-chip packaging require new approaches to probing for diagnosis and failure analysis

11 December 6, Industry Challenge The ATE business model must change to adapt to evolving market directions The high performance functional tester market segment is declining Low performance functional tester and DFT tester market segments are growing The industry must come together to define common requirements for DFT tester capability

12 December 6, Manufacturing Cost Initiatives Technologies are emerging to lower equipment capital cost and increase test module throughput The industry is driving toward DFT technology to move test complexity onto the die and away from the test equipment Reduction in test equipment complexity should result in a significant decrease in tester cost over the 5 year horizon DFT will be used to enable lower performance functional testers to test high performance designs DFT techniques that reduce device pin count requirements for test enable increased parallelism and module throughput Wafer level burn-in and test exploits high parallelism to increase throughput and decrease unit cost

13 December 6, System-on-a-Chip Solutions must emerge to solve Big D / Big A test challenges Todays environment is structured for Little D / Big A or Big D / Little A SoC testing requires a disciplined DFT approach Fundamental research is needed to define and prove Analog BIST and DFT techniques Extensive digital DFT techniques must be applied Embedded flash and PROM test time threatens test module throughput Test cost is a primary concern

14 December 6, High Speed Serial High performance digital interfaces are approaching the analog domain for testability High speed serial digital interfaces must be characterized and tested in the analog domain Analog compliance testing is time consuming Trade-off between increased tester resources, test time, and test effectiveness

15 December 6, Edition Test Chapter Plans Iddq Testing High Frequency Serial Communications High Performance ASIC High Performance Microprocessor Low-end Microcontrollers Mixed Signal Commodity DRAM Commodity Flash Embedded DRAM and Embedded Flash DFT Test Equipment Design-for-Test Automation Tools System-on-a-Chip Failure Analysis ATE Software Proposed for 2001

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