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Who was Anne Frank?.

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1 Who was Anne Frank?

2 Anne Frank as a young girl
Anne Frank was born on 12th June 1929 She was very popular and had many friends and admirers. She enjoyed going to the beach, going to the ice cream parlour, riding her bike and seeing friends.

3 Anne Frank as a Young Girl
Anne enjoyed school and studying. The anti Jewish decrees restricted her life and she couldn’t enjoy herself as much as she used to. However this did not stop Anne socialising and going to school.

4 The Frank family- Otto and Edith
Otto and Edith were Anne’s parents. They married when Otto was 36 and Edith was 25. Otto ran a business in which he made jam. It was called Opeka.

5 The Frank family- Anne and Margot
Anne and Margot were sisters. Margot was born on February 16th 1926 in Frankfurt, Germany. Anne was born on June 12th 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany.

6 Why was Anne Frank segregated?
Anne and her family were Jews. Jews pray in a Synagogue and also had different religious beliefs. The Nazis wanted to kill the Jews,Hitler especially thought the Jews were evil and did not fit the “perfect image.” Anne Frank and other Jews felt segregated because they were forced to endure cruel anti-decree laws and persecution.They were forced to think they were lower and inadequate to everyone else just because they had a different belief. . .

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