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World TB Day By: Adam Brockest, Meg Reid, Michael Kerr & Jason Saxe.

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1 World TB Day By: Adam Brockest, Meg Reid, Michael Kerr & Jason Saxe

2 What is TB ? Tuberculosis (TB) is the worlds leading infectious disease. TB is most commonly caused by a bacterial infection found in the lungs. TB is spread through contact with infected persons.

3 What is TB TB is preventable, curable & treatable. 1 in 3 people in the world are infected. Many people are infected but do not display symptoms High rate of co-infection between HIV & TB

4 Background Little progress in forms of treatment because the virus keeps changing. 2 million people die from TB each year In 2003 there was a 37% detection rate & 83% cure rate In 2005 these rates are expected to increase to 70% detection rate & 85% cure rate

5 Global Perspective 14 million people in Africa alone are infected with TB. World Health Organization (WHO) Is trying to raise awareness to prevent the spread of TB. WHO has created March 24 th as world TB day to support these initiatives.

6 Local Perspective High risk groups are individuals that are: Foreign born, have been in a correctional institute, aboriginals, homeless people and those infected with HIV. The Toronto Public Health Board estimates that there are 2000 new case of TB in Canada each year.

7 Mission & Vision Mission To raise awareness about TB to help prevent the spread of TB. Vision To create a TB free world.

8 S.W.O.T Internal strengths Government funded agency High levels of credibility with the public Free publicity through other colleges and universities Large amount of information on TB available

9 S.W.O.T External Opportunities Awareness and treatment trends rising New forms of media and communication Most Canadians have educational background Other countries raising awareness Increasing testing in high risk categories

10 S.W.O.T Internal Weakness $15 000 budget restricts media use Limited resources Limited Government funding

11 S.W.O.T External Threats Low levels of awareness about TB internationally Many misconceptions Those infected may be unaware they have it Fast growing rate of infection Highly contagious

12 Objective To raise awareness on prevention and treatment of TB with in High School Students. Educate outreach & correctional workers on effects, causes & symptoms of TB. Raise awareness among the ethnic community. Raise overall awareness throughout the GTA.

13 Marketing Strategy Raise awareness through the use of an IMC strategy Direct marketing through seminars for reach workers, students, religious leaders & Correctional workers. Print media: Church bulletins, posters at customs, schools, community centers & medical centers.

14 Questions

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