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Shaping the Future Strategic planning and development of ICT in Schools.

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1 Shaping the Future Strategic planning and development of ICT in Schools

2 John Janulewski ICT Adviser School Improvement Service

3 The Great Debate Joint GCEs and CSEs LMS Governor Involvement National Curriculum SATs Specialist Schools Value Added Motivating Pupils GCSE Grades Up KS2 Grades Up Gender Differences Inclusion The New Challenge ICT for Teaching and Learning

4 Jon Mager Director of Lifelong Learning

5 The Schools Perspective Maria Foxton Headteacher Hornsea Community Primary School Ron Newey Headteacher Hornsea School Photograph: Swinemoor Junior School ICT Suite

6 Strategic View of ICT in Hornsea School and Sixth Form Centre Introduction ICT - and the internet in particular – have created an entirely new environment for teaching and learning. The internet makes possible information, communication and collaboration in ways undreamed of even five years ago. However, the challenges are considerable ……….. We want to integrate ICT within the school in a way, that will be of real practical benefit to every member of staff, regardless of the fact that the majority are from a non-technical background. Less than 20% of teachers have the basic confidence and competence to exploit ICT as a tool for learning. (Specialist Schools Trust) We want to maximise participation and involvement and enhance the community within the school (parents, teachers, governors etc). We want to make learning resources available to parents, pupils, teachers anytime, anywhere.

7 Key Issues How can we increase and enhance parental involvement with their childs education? How can we effectively make lesson resources available to pupils outside the conventional school environment? The school has a great ICT suite but our children only get access twice a week. How can we integrate ICT into our schools as painlessly as possible for all the staff? How can we give our staff the confidence and competence to engage with the interfaces?

8 Benefits Allows the teaching and learning process to continue long after the lesson has finished. Very flexible, allowing teachers to work from home. Provide the parents of pupils the opportunity to work with the teacher to enhance the pupils learning process. Personal Learning: – improves their learning-to-learn skills – improves their flexibility as learners – allows the adaptation of learning materials and experiences to the individuals learning styles and preferences

9 Conclusion Imagine that you wake up in the morning to discover that your school has an adequate supply of computers and reliable networking. Imagine also that all your teachers as part of their professional practice are now confident in the basic use of ICT. What changes would then be possible and desirable to underpin a world-class education system fit for the new millennium? Caveat Learning is at its heart a social and socialising process. ICT cannot replace the need for the human touch.

10 SHAPING the FUTURE Course Outline Trish Goldberg & Isobel Fleming ICT Team - School Improvement Service

11 Day 1 - Residential Introduction and Audit Overview Workshop Online Resources Guest Speaker Day 2 - Residential Two School Visits Visit follow-up

12 Day 3 Planning and Assessment Demonstration of Digital School software Agreeing elements of on-line sessions

13 On-line – The Digital School software for structured collaborative development and exchange of ideas Suggested content to be agreed and during Day 3: 1. School ICT Polices 2. Reviewing ICT Strategic Plans 3. Schemes of Work for ICT 4. Whole Staff Development 5. Virtual Learning Environment

14 Day 4 - Residential 5-7pm Feedback Presentations Day 5 - Residential Future Developments Roles and Responsibilities Community and Beyond Arrangements for NAACEmark Assessment Guest Speaker

15 Penny Willis Blended Learning Coordinator Cascade Training University of Hull

16 Any Questions?

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