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~ Six Journal Prompts ~ poetry close reading assignment.

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1 ~ Six Journal Prompts ~ poetry close reading assignment

2 1 Simplify the Poem  Paraphrase the poem in detailed sentences using your own words. This is a poem about _____ Consider the title: How is it a clue?

3 2 Describe the Poem a) Describe the diction (word choices). Is it conversational? Archaic? Medical? Casual? Sexual? b) Describe the overall mood/tone of the poem. Is it dark? Bright? Lively? Carefree? Sad? Angry? c) How do the diction and tone enhance or contrast the meaning you spelled out in your paraphrase?

4 3 Listen to the Poem a) Is there any rhyme? Is it full or slant? End rhyme or internal? b) Is there any alliteration? What kind of sounds? Harsh? Soft? Humming? c) Is there any onomatopoeia? d) How do these poetic devices create sounds that add to the themes present in this poem?

5 4 Engage the Poem Intellectually a) Identify any similes. b) Identify any metaphors. c) What items are being compared? What additional meaning can be gathered from the poet’s choice of items to compare?

6 5 Read Between the Lines a) Is there any personification? b) What about symbolism? (colors, shapes). c) Are any words or phrases repeated? d) How do personification, symbolism and repetition reflect on the theme or meaning set out in your paraphrase?

7 6 So What? Is there a life lesson here? Any truths that seem to surface in this poem? A way to apply them?

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