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Software Update GEC10 March 2011. List of Software OpenFlow ref. implementation git://

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1 Software Update GEC10 March 2011

2 List of Software OpenFlow ref. implementation git:// 1.0 NOX controller git:// (Branch Zaku)- SNAC Build 2 FlowVisor git:// Expedient, Opt-in mgr apt-get, yum from home:/jnaous:/expedient/xUbuntu_9.10 4.0.2 HP, NEC, and Pronto firmware Vendor distribution mode HP: 2_02v NEC: Product Indigo: 1.0_web

3 SNAC Feature Enhancements –Support for 64-bit datapathid –Support for STP exposed by HP switches –Handling link failures Bug Fixes –Better working with NEC product firmware –Handling corrupt packets CentOS RPM released Automated nightly builds available

4 FlowVisor Feature enhancements –added msg statistics, see `fvctl get{Slice,Switch}Stats` –added flow tracking, see `fvctl get{Switch,SliceRewrite}FlowDB` to enable, run `fvctl setConfig \!flowvisor\!track_flows true` –lots of performance improvements –flow setup time significantly improved –better error handling in create slice and change flowspace Bug Fixes –fixed big I/O bug that caused switch flapping –password prompt no longer echos plaintext –changed drop rule policy from FS to packet –fixed NPE in FVSlicer

5 Expedient Feature Upgrades –Allow users to specify hex or decimal numbers in the Flowspace entry page in the GUI –Ensure that created projects get owners –Add timer jobs to Expedient –Add expiration to slices –Add periodic updates of aggregates at Expedient

6 Expedient (contd.) Bug Fixes –Bug after editing an aggregate, so aggregate is updated –Bug with NonePermitteeException when deleting a project or aggregate –Bug do not show disabled interfaces in the "Add links" page when adding an OpenFlow Aggregate –Bug when an aggregate is removed from a project it is not removed from a slice –Bug when an aggregate is removed from a slice its resources are not removed from the slice –Bug check aggregate delete permissions before showing the aggregate delete confirmation page. –Bug of missing space in "can_manage_users" permission description –Bug help button showing error page –Bug confused links and titles in user detail page –Bug confused links and titles in user cert mgmt page –Bug don't show planetlab ssh keys page with no planet lab in slice –Bug clearinghouse should not give gapi credentials to unknown users or users with no "can_create_project" permissions.

7 Monitoring/Measurement Measurement tools –Measure & Graph (Time Series & CDF) following metrics –Measurement box flash image & Scripts running on server MetricMeasured byCollected by Flow Setup TimeMeasurement Boxrsync Ping RTT & LossMeasurement Boxrsync Web browsing delayMeasurement Boxrsync Switch CPU usageSwitchSNMP Traffic VolumeSwitchSNMP # of Active FlowsSNACRESTful Web API Flow arrival rateSNACRESTful Web API Will integrate to Nagios

8 Monitoring/Measurement (contd)

9 Next Steps OpenFlow ver 1.1 support across all software NOX 2.0 –Redesign using Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) so that it is language independent –Modular infrastructure: All apps run in their own process space –Scalable infrastructure: Multiple NOX2 cores can be clustered to manage large deployments FlowVisor 2.0 –Work with production and research controllers

10 Next Steps (contd.) SNAC features and support –Need basis Maintain Expedient and OIM Monitoring Infrastructure –Public release of this in collaboration with IndianaU –Synchronize across all campuses and generate private/public health reports Testing and evaluating other new switches and controllers

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