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July 12, 2012ITRS public conference – San Francisco1 More-than-Moore Roadmapping Update.

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1 July 12, 2012ITRS public conference – San Francisco1 More-than-Moore Roadmapping Update

2 Moores Law & More More than Moore: Diversification More Moore: Miniaturization Combining SoC and SiP: Higher Value Systems Baseline CMOS: CPU, Memory, Logic Biochips Sensors Actuators HV Power Analog/RFPassives 130nm 90nm 65nm 45nm 32nm 22nm 16 nm. V Information Processing Digital content System-on-chip (SoC) Beyond CMOS Interacting with people and environment Non-digital content System-in-package (SiP) 2

3 Why a More than Moore roadmap ? ITRS has demonstrated value of roadmapping for CMOS –Identify pre-competitive research domains, enabling cooperation between industries, institutes and universities. Sharing of R&D efforts Reduction of development costs and time –Synchronization of the E&M community with the Manufacturing community –Increase resource efficiency through focus –Promote market growth and job creation More than Moore roadmapping offers a similar but more challenging opportunity –Need to propose a roadmapping methodology White paper 3

4 4 Process societal needs lead markets applications functions needed designs and devices design tools processes scenariiroadmap size, suitability FOM

5 5 Spring 2011 workshop Main MtM drivers Automotive drivers Lighting drivers Energy drivers CTSG 4th domain added : Health care delivery 2011 activities

6 MtM Matrix and ITRS and iNEMI wkg gps Application domains AutomotiveLightingEnergyHealth care delivery Functional requirements Smart-card like security Reliability Smart grid connection Energy mgt Building blocks (technologies or devices) Energy storage devices mmW comm. devices Heat mgt mechanisms Sensors & actuators Energy generation devices ULP components Optronics / Photonics Microfluidics 3D Automotive PEG Health PEG Industrial Working Group iNEMI structure RF/AMS MEMS Design and System Drivers Assembly & Packaging ERM / ERD Interco. ITRS structure

7 Spring meeting 2012 MtM activities CTSG : MtM brief on April 24 –Strong MtM activity in various working groups Dedicated workshop on April 25 –iNEMI presentation –Brainstorming sessions to start action plan elaboration 7

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11 Peoples needs Sociological Psychological Biological Controllers/ Drivers Sensor Actuator Intelligent Lighting Systems Light Source Optics Network Application / Segment layers Technology layers

12 General Conclusions Many high-volume drivers for MtM technologies System view is required iNEMI is a wealth of information for MtM roadmapping iNEMI / ITRS cooperation is required for More than Moore roadmapping

13 13 Automotive Lighting Energy Health care Society Needs Lead mkts driving applications System view / key functions critical primitives devices, technologies Consumer portable medical Next steps : filling the blanks Illumination Energy harvesting Sensing MEMS Proposed Framework DA 1DA 2DA 3 SV/KF 1 SV/KF 3 SV/KF 4 CP 1CP 2 DT 1DT N ……

14 Questions ? Feedback ? 14

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