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A Semantic Web Approach to Digital Rights Management Roberto García González.

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1 A Semantic Web Approach to Digital Rights Management Roberto García González

2 Table of Contents Introduction DRM State of the Art Objective Knowledge Representation Semantic Web Methodology Specification Conceptualisation Implementation Evaluation Conclusions Future Work

3 Introduction Digital media DRM Internet DRM interoperability Need for a DRM standard Internet/Web not standard friendly Let standards emerge Facilitate it concentrating discussion on the roots, the semantics Semantic Web, Web Ontologies Copyright Ontology Web Ontology Language (OWL) implementation

4 DRM State of the Art Windows Media DRM, iTunes FairPlay,… DRM Watch 2005 Year in Review: DRM Standards 1 –…consumer complaints have moved beyond overly restrictive DRMs to lack of interoperability among them… –…we see no production implementations… –…ContentGuards asserts its patents apply to any rights expression language implementation in DRM… 1

5 DRM State of the Art Interoperable Rights Expression Language (REL) Efforts: MPEG-21, ODRL, CreativeCommons,… Syntax standardisation (grammar) CC: limited, predefined licenses

6 DRM State of the Art Complex domain Difficult to implement Difficult to interoperate REL patent Just usage licenses Detail level problems, generalisation/specialisation

7 Objectives Rights expressions interoperability Support copyright law Model the whole copyright value chain Work at the semantic level, more expressivity, less ambiguity Formalise domain knowledge Facilitate interoperability and implementation In the Internet/Web

8 Knowledge Representation Knowledge is tacit

9 Knowledge Representation Social agents share knowledge –Limitations tacit knowledge exchange, e.g. imitation –Make knowledge explicit Informally, more expressive, ambiguities Formally, enables automation Formal Knowledge Representation: –Logic: formal structure and rules of inference –Ontology: defines kinds of things in domain –Computation: automate computable models

10 Knowledge Representation Logic: –Syntax: grammar rules –Semantics: how tokens are related to things they stand for –Inference: deduction Representational semantics: relate information to senses defined by ontologies Ontology: a formal machine readable specification abstract model of a shared based on consensus conceptualitzation in terms of concepts, relations,...

11 Semantic Web Web + Knowledge Representation RDF: semantic network, graph model RDF Schema: classes, inheritance,… Web Ontology Language (OWL) –OWL-DL: based on DL, Semantic Networks formalisation, decidable and tractable, OWA.

12 Methodology Methontology XML Semantics Reuse

13 Specification

14 Conceptualisation

15 Implementation

16 Evaluation

17 Conclusions

18 Future Work

19 Thank you for your attention Roberto García González

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