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ICT in Auce secondary school, Latvia Fridis Sarcevichs 2009.

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1 ICT in Auce secondary school, Latvia Fridis Sarcevichs 2009

2 Auce Secondary School 636 students 52 teachers 2 buildings 2 sport halls Hall for body building New stadium Large library boarding-school with 50 places 2 computer labs Google photos (virtual introduction)virtual introduction Auce Secondary School Website:

3 1 september – Day of KnowledgeDay of Knowledge




















23 Using ICT in Auce Secondary School Common use of ICT: Search information in Internet Part of our teachers create materials for lessons and homeworks – reading texts, presentations, exercises, lesson plans, tests, exams,.. Use of multimedia CD-ROM and DVD (English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Latvian Literature, History, Geography,...) Interactive online resources in Latvian – www.dzm,,,,,,,, Auce Secondary School websites –,, http://local.auce.lv http://fs-it.blogspot.com Other online resources Some teachers create study sets for different subjects, including online content multimedia learning objects

24 Use ICT in different subjects and school everyday life Latvian language and literature Latvian History English Russian Physics Math Chemistry Biology Economics Culture History In teaching students with special needs Geography Visual Arts Music Classroom teachers Out of classroom activities For contacts Informatics

25 Latvian language and literature Creating materials for lessons (exercises, tests, exams, presentations) Online exercises and tests – sites_list; site1;; site2; site3;; surdo;sites_listsite1 testi.eclub.lvsite2site3ailab.lvsurdo Latvian authors full reading texts –;; Online multimedia materials and cartoons – Multimedia disks about famous latvian authors – J.Rainis; A.Čaks; O.Vācietis; M.Zālīte; etc. (video)– J.RainisA.ČaksO.VācietisM.Zālītevideo Making videoclips and photos (video)video

26 Latvian author CDs, DVDs, websites in school

27 Video about Latvian poetry


29 Latvian History Multimedia CD History of Latvia Latvian history encyclopedia – linklink History for mobile – Online multimedia materials – linklink

30 English, Russian Reading texts online Using dictionaries – link; Tildes BirojslinkTildes Birojs Online materials, exercises and tests; Video ( clip_En_1, clip_En_3, clip_Ru) clip_En_1clip_En_3clip_Ru Audio CDs for English Multimedia CDs and DVDs Story writing Working with projects Translation of poems, stories,... Student research work

31 Math, physics, chemistry and biology Work with new standards and programs Online study materials (Lv) –;, Presentations (chemistry)chemistry CDs and DVDs in nature science subjects Video (atomic physics, alternative energy) Using sensors with computer (pic_1, pic_2)pic_1pic_2 Building measurement systems and software in our schools (mechanics, molecular physics)mechanicsmolecular physics Students research work


33 DZMDZM – website for nature science subjects

34 Work with website in physics lesson

35 Website in physics lesson

36 Work with website in chemistry lesson


38 Discussion about math role in education (grade 10)

39 Students watch video and listen thoughts of prof. Agnis Andzans (LU ) about math role in education. After the video students with help of their math teacher I.Ante have a short discussion about math role...

40 Culture History Pictures (link)link Online resources Online museums Demostrations Research work Mindmapping

41 Other subjects and activities Geography – CD Forests land Latvia, presentations and research work Economics – presentations, research work, work with websites, use CD about money, make multimedia commercial clips, etc. Economics Students with special needs – reading, writing, painting, searching information, etc. Classroom teachers – presentations and multimedia materials about safety and internet safety –;;; Project work – I*EARN, NBP,,


43 Music and Visual Arts Music: Listening to music Research works about music and using music software, research of DJ software Composing music with computers Visual Arts: Work with pictures, graphic software Use internet materials about colors and painting Project work – creating pictures, calendars, etc.

44 Beginning school Reading and writing texts Listening and watching presentations, videos Using CD-ROMs and online resources: Skaņu meža pasaka, Sākumskolai, Skaņu meža pasaka Painting with graphics software (MS Paint, Drawing for Children, Tux Paint, etc.) Work with online materials in bird observing project –

45 Skaņu meža pasaka


47 After lessons...

48 Developing social skills Portal E-mails, chat, photo gallery, blogs, discussions; Contacts; About 1 500 000 users (Latvia ~ 2 300 300 inhabitants) Many classrom teachers use portal to organize their class work.

49 Informatics in school Standarts and programs – Grades 5,6,7, 10, 11,12: Grades 5,6,7,10 – standard based on ECDL; Grade 11, 12 – some courses of IT and basics in programming Websites: DZP;; Computer for beginers; LIIS (LEIS) –; vortal Informatics in school - (;Informatics in school; LU Linux Centre -; LU Linux Centre XLAB –; XLAB LatSTE – ECDL study sets - –;

50 Some websites about IT Of course we also use Youtube, and etc. websites!

51 Vortal Informatics in schoolInformatics in school





56 Abstract Our interests include: using IT for building school websites, using free and open source software, researching possibilities of using IT in school physics lab, creating simple CD-ROMs, preparing books and study sets, IT projects, programming some useful software and building equipment for experiments.

57 Self – made interactive whiteboard 1. 2. 3.4. WiimoteWhiteboard software Self – made Interactive whiteboard Self – made Interactive whiteboard 5. KindleLab – Open Source Whiteboard software Thanks to Johnny Chung Lee!Johnny Chung Lee

58 Self – made acoustic systems for PC How? - Fill macroflex in baloon, add loudspeaker and apmlifier!

59 PC thermometer - 1 Serial ports Mikroshēma Z- 8350 Peles y ass pieslēgvieta Peles x ass pieslēgv ieta DS1621 + PCtemp (software) + VB macros (Excel) => PC thermometer

60 PC thermometer - 2: 2 thermositors (47k or100k); gp_Templ (software); Game port connector; multimeter or thermometer; calibration; * ! It works! PC thermometer test results:

61 Motion sensors Koka klucītis Ritenītis (disks) Datorpeles vienas koordinātes maiņas ass ar ko ntaktiem Koka klucītis Mouse + wheel + Mouse meter + macros = Motion sensor (s, t)

62 Gumija Datorpeles vienas koordinātes maiņas ass ar kontaktiem Gumija Datorpeles ass Pirmais pārejas s kriemelis Otrs pārejas skriemelis Spēļu mašīnītes kustīgā daļa Mouse + car + Mouse Meter + macros Car sensor

63 Experiments Sports and PC

64 Use of digital camera: researching dinamic process (motion, chemical reactions); microscope = digital camera (videocamera) + projector; document camera => digital camera + projector; telescope => digital camera with >10x optical zoom. Digital camera in researching motion

65 Measuring temperature in chemical reactions

66 PC motion lab Magnetic switch Game port connector Special equipment software

67 PC sound lab PC sound card osciloscope PC sound card generator Microfone, etc. Use sound card inputUse sound card output

68 Study materials about using IT: Book about using MS Word 97 (1998, Askolds Berovskis, IT lab specialist); MS FrontPage 2000 for creating websites (2001, Juris Valdovskis, 12 grade student )

69 2.xx – ebooks, study sets Writer v.1 – 2004, F.Sarcevichs; 2.xx (BDA, 5 full study sets, ECDL): Draw – 2005, D.Sarcevicha, grade 11; Impress – 2005, I.Sarcevicha; Writer – 2005, F.Sarcevichs; Calc – 2005, F.Sarcevichs; SuSE Linux 9.x (2 module, ECDL); 2.xx (ESF project, ECDL full study sets for developing IT skills for the people of Zemgale region (, Writer, Calc and Impress – 2006, F.Sarcevichs (3 sets) Study set for eTwinning projects – 2008, F.Sarcevichs * Study sets – books, tests, exercises, examples, presentations, etc.

70 CD-ROMs for teachers Prepared CD – ROMs: ICT in action; IT and physics; IT for teacher; using free software in primary and secondary schools; CD – ROMs for LatSTE; software for classroom;...

71 CD-ROMs

72 CD-ROM Software for classroom CD-ROM is created by LECTORA 2007

73 CD-ROM Graphic software – 2009 Last CD – ROM are built by LECTORA 2007

74 Students projects in programming: MS Visual Basic: ZR_Logo 1.1 – Z.Rove, 2006; grade 12; Chronometer - R.Zarits,, 2004, grade 11; Grafiks04 - R.Zarits, 2004, grade 12; Demo of Interval method – 2007, D.Sarcevicha and L.Sulgina, grade 12. Pascal: Acounting system for home inventory – 1999, J.Perkons; Dictionaries – 2002, M.Ozols; Games

75 ZR_Logo 1.1 – Z.Rove

76 Chonometer and Grafiks04 – R.Zarits

77 Visual demonstrating of Interval method

78 Research projects in computer labs Self – made PC sensors for mechanics and molecular physics – M.Pilverts, A.Valainis, grade 10, 2008; Accuracy and usability of self-made PC sensors in school – M.Basliks, D.Kliesmits, grade 11, 2008; PC modding and self made acoustic systems – T.Romanenko, G.Gaspuitis, grade 11, 2008 PC sound laboratory – Zane Bredriha, grade 12, 2005; Measurement of temperature in chemical reactions (by using digital camera to capture clips)– Inese Sarcevicha, grade 11, 2004; Using Draw 2.x in school – Dina Sarcevicha, grade 10, 2004; PC laboratory in mechanics – M.Granats, grade 12, 2003; PC laboratory for molecular physics – M.Granats, grade 11, 2002; Web camera in physics experiments – Juris Valdovskis, grade 11, 2000 Creating and composing music in school computer lab – K.Ansons, grade 12, 2001; Research about dress modelling in schools computer lab – I.Treimane, grade 12, 2001; projects in math, chemistry, etc.

79 Study materials on web – Auce Secondary School website – website of project LatSTE – website for local using in Auce Secondary School, but can be accessed also by others – web page of F.Sarcevichs - ECDL study sets - Latvia teachers website

80 Multimedia learning objects Smiltene gymnasium and Riga Technical University ESF project ; 5 teachers of Auce Secondary School; More than 10 multimedia learning objects Free software for multimedija learning objects: 1.CourseLab 2.4 2.WBTExpress 7.0 3.Qedoc Quiz Maker 4.eTOC – in 5.authorPOINT Lite 6.KnowledgeWorkshop 2.3

81 Newest learning object – about CourseLab

82 Software descriptions

83 MyCorkBoard – screensaver for teachers

84 Some IT projects I*EARN (; NBP (supported by Baltic sea North countries); LatSTE (; IT infrastructure projects – more than 10; eTwinning (,; Projects for developing IT skills form teachers, people with special needs, adults; IT seminars for people with special needs

85 LatSTE - Latvian School Technology Exposition – 11 th time in October, 2008; Organisers – A.Berce, A.Cunska, F.Sarcevichs; 2000, 2003, 2006 – Auce Secondary School; Participants – teachers, students, scientists, IT profesionals, self – government stuff (200 – 1200 in each); Welcome to LatSTE!

86 LatSTE

87 About teaching and research methods Pair work; Group work (for example jigsaw method); Brain storms, mindmapping; Combining rich online Internet and stand alone multimedia applications; Tests and other online exercises (; Learning material about mindmapping (; Circle workstation method developed by F.Sarcevichs and used in ICT days and many seminars for teachers, 2001- 2002; Now we are preparing for use interactive whiteboards and working online

88 Some links: Some demo: CD – ROM Software for classroomSoftware for classroom CD – ROM Graphic software – 2009Graphic software – 2009 Riga IT teachers seminar in Auce – Google photosGoogle photos

89 Thank You! Fridis Sarcevichs Auce Secondary School, Latvia

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