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The Danish Education System

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1 The Danish Education System

2 Project: ”The Virtual High School”
70 out of 160 Gymnasiums participated with development (innovation) work From one teacher in one class to the hole school A research group followed the project and have published 3 reports (only in danish)

3 What is a Virtual High School??
Double meaning: Artificial/non excisting Virtual leader/ruler: actual

4 Answer: A School with Virtual Instruction (”E-learning”)….
The teacher and the students not nessecary in the same room (distributed) and/or at the same time (asynchronic). Use of computer based communication: , Electronic Conference Systems….

5 Virtual Instruction: The setting
Instruction can be organized in: Class or groups or pairs or individual A theme can be taught: Systematic or thematic or project Single subject or interdisciplinary

6 The teachers profession: What’s it’s all about?
Select the teaching materials Plan and decide: The proces: How the teaching materials will be used The organization: e.g. see previous dias ”Classroom” work Evaluate Tough job to organize, when it is the whole school, that is working that way! (Classroom, computers, equipment….)

7 The traditional setting
It is predictibel what will happend everybody knows! 1 lesson = students+1 teacher+1 classroom+1 textbook. (Duration: 45 minutes)

8 A new setting Different locations and time
Written communication (Conf. system, …) Different groups working with interdisciplinary, problem-centred projects

9 Why teaching this way? Pro Contra Variety! Mixed Mode Independence
Self-discipline Collaboration skills Communication skills Differentiated teaching Responsibility Problemsolving Life long learning Academic ability Variety Reflect society Contra Achivements not improved Missing the try out in the classrrom (Measure yourself in the class) Increased work load for both students and teachers Variety! Mixed Mode

10 The most valuable ressource: TIME
Increased work load The most valuable ressource: TIME

11 Increased work load – according to the teachers
More communication, reading and writing: Q&A  Q&A….. Conferences: Drafts, Agenda, Essays, Logs, Portfolios, Comments…. Implication of the greater distance to the students: demands for more specific and detailed (writen) instructions If the school establish and introduces electronic communication channels there is a natural expectation that you can use them Differentiated teaching takes time Collaboration and coordination with other teachers takes time Writing takes time!

12 Increased work load – An example
1 school-year: 3 projects of 1 week each (1-2 classes)

13 Increased work load – Solutions
Don’t invent things from scratch everytime Who? When? How? What? Rules? Develop a school-based concept/procedures to spare the time to think out, negotiations and communication. Makes coordination, progression and continuity possible Can’t be solved by the individual teacher or team Rationality Rules for communication: expectations Formalising, predictability and structure is nessecary.

14 Increased work load – Solutions
Sales, marketing, production, administration, stock Integrated informationsystem for schools: Administration, communication, information, documentation, evaluation, grades, attendance registration,……..

15 Increased work load – Solutions
Necessary conditions: In-service teachers training (Staff development): IT and educational theory Accessibility to computers, software and Internet Support: technical and pedagogical

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