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06.02.2014 1 Carthago... mit Carthago in die Zukunft Herzlich Willkommen!

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1 06.02.2014 1 Carthago... mit Carthago in die Zukunft Herzlich Willkommen!

2 CASE: Carthago Proizvodnja avtodomov d.o.o. Total planned investment: 3.032.000,00 Eur State subsidy funds:1.217.000,00 Eur Nr. Of new employment: 150 Production of Chic C line model 06.02.2014 2

3 3 Die Chic Familie

4 06.02.2014 4 Odranci, Slovenia = Carthagos 3rd production site To increase the market share by creating production capacities for a new compact product line one of few, increas ing output during recession Reduction of manufacturing cost s Access to a large pool of highly skilled and educated manpower Benefit on local communit y support Potential for further development high manpower potential available land Goals and benefits for Carthago

5 Investment implementation Challenges: –Fulfillment of the obligation to employ 150 persons in 3 years after receiving the subsidy (as the result of late start with production) Support –National cost sharing grant scheme – Ministry of the Economy –Local community support –Regional development agency Mura –Employment service Murska Sobota 06.02.2014 5

6 6 Preparation of the project (CARTHAGOs case: 1 year) Selection of highly motivated initial employees Preparation and training of employees 25 employees were trained at the HQ, Germany Surveillance and support for employees in the first days of their start-up Selection of the employees to follow criteria: experience and labor discipline Important elements for successful launch

7 Present stand of operation Production of 700 vehicles planned for 2010 35 % of total production output of Carthago Group 150 employees reached Enlargement in planning phase 06.02.2014 7

8 Increasing production / output tendency 06.02.2014 8

9 Local Payroll 06.02.2014 9

10 10 Payroll – CARTHAGO Group Today the Carthago Group has more than 430 employees at 3 sites

11 06.02.2014 11 150 new employments Development of sub-contracting activity in the region Higher added value: product development done by local engineers Synergies with the local community Benefits for the Pomurje region

12 06.02.2014 12 Total planned investment: 2.800.000,00 Eur Building Equipment, machines State subsidy: 30% Carthago will run on two calls for grant funds exploiting the new Law of POMURJE: Employment subvention, tax exemption foreign investment incentives State co-financing Whats next? Project 2 = Second investment project – new vehicle model Goal: to double again the production capacity

13 06.02.2014 13 Increase the output rhythm to 24 vehicles a week by the end of 2010 Increase the production rhythm to 45 by 2012 Increase total employment on 260 Project 2: objectives

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