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Moving Cellular Materials

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1 Moving Cellular Materials

2 Cell Membranes Selectively permeable
Allow only some things to enter and leave.

3 Passive Transport Movement of material through the membrane without using energy.

4 Types of Passive Transport
Diffusion Random movement of particles from areas of more to areas of less. Equilibrium – equal particles in each area.

5 Types of Passive Transport
Osmosis The diffusion of water through the cell membrane. Example: Plants


7 Types of Passive Transport
Facilitated Diffusion Movement of materials through a transport protein located in the membrane.

8 Active Transport Moving materials through a cell membrane with the use of energy. Requires transport proteins.

9 Movement of Very Large Particles
Endocytosis Cell membrane surrounds the particle. Section of the membrane pinches off to form a vesicle.


11 Movement of Very Large Particles
Exocytosis Opposite process as endocytosis. Contents of the vesicle are released outside the membrane.

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