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Chapter 1, Section 2 Living Things

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1 Chapter 1, Section 2 Living Things

2 What is an Organism? Organism Any living thing

3 Characteristics of Living Things
Organized Made of cells A cell is the smallest unit of an organism that carries out all life functions. Each cell has all the genetic material needed to control life processes.

4 Characteristics of Living Things
Respond and Adapt Stimulus Anything that causes a change in an organism Response Reaction to a stimulus Homeostasis The ability of an organism to maintain internal conditions suitable for life, despite changes in the environment.

5 Characteristics of Living Things
Use Energy Plants use energy from the sun Animals use energy from plants and other animals Other organisms obtain energy by breaking chemical bonds

6 Characteristics of Living Things
Grow and Develop Growth Increase in the amount of living material Development Formation of new structures Lifespan Amount of time an organism is expected to live

7 Characteristics of Living Things

8 What Living Things Need
A place to live Affected by environment

9 What Living Things Need
Raw materials Water, protein, fat, sugar, etc.

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