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Slides by METID eLene Kick Off meeting: WP 7 + WP 8 + WP 6 Dissemination + Knowledge Management + Website Nice, 27th and 28th January 2005.

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1 Slides by METID eLene Kick Off meeting: WP 7 + WP 8 + WP 6 Dissemination + Knowledge Management + Website Nice, 27th and 28th January 2005

2 2/19 Dissemination + Knowledge Management + Website WP and person in charge: –WP 7 Dissemination Laura Besana –WP 8 Knowledge Management Matteo Uggeri –WP 6 Website Ignazio Locatelli.Public dissemination/info area.KM area for partners.Virtual Learning Resource Centre area These are related subjects which must walk together.

3 3/19 Schematic overview of the project and the interrelation between the activities ONGOING ACTIVITES Teacher training actions Workshops/online collaborative work Evaluation First draft of guidelines First selection of tools / resources Content developmentWebsite Development Desig n of overall struct ure of websit e Technical specifications/ functionalities of VLRC Private KM area Final version of guidelines Final selection of tools and resources VLRC structure KM area Design of Templates Public project information area Public Info. Area Design, create and integrate content Proof read and debug Evaluate Maintain, update, adapt Virtual Resource Learning Centre P ro j e c t m a n a g e m e n t E v a l u a t i o n Q u a l i t y a s s u r a n c e D i s s e m i n a t i o n Identification of tools, resources Analysis Criteria Identification of practices Analysis Criteria Research papers N e e d s a n a l y s i s

4 4/19 WP 6: Website / 0 - General features Graphic: –Style / logo / fonts / colour… –Shall we keep the existing ones [yes, please] Environment : –MS DOS / Windows –Mac –Linux Programming : –HTML + Java (jsp, servlet). e.g. CoL 3 –Flash + actionscript + Java. e.g. e-design Database, if we use XML / LOMS: –SQL Server –Tamino (expensive, hi performances) –Exists (open source, low performances) With Bremen colleagues

5 5/19 WP 6 + WP 7: Website + Dissemination / 1a public Public dissemination/info area: –Already partially –Domain name - Not - Not - Not - - - –or:.www.elene-tt.ext - all availableswww.elene-tt.ext –Please vote!

6 6/19 WP 6 + WP 7: Website + Dissemination / 1b public Public dissemination/info area: –Small updating:.small description of our project.things to the EU: –logo of EAC etc… –name and code of our proposal –This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community. –The content of this Project does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Community or the National Agency, nor does it involve any responsibility on their part..list of really involved people (after this meeting).PPT presentation of each parter.Put the nice story monsieur Armatte told us this morning.Photos (Jens is our offiacial photo artist and… Keep the website appearance as human as possible (in my opinion).

7 7/19 WP 6 + WP 8: Website + KM / 2a private km KM means: –Profiled and monitored access –Specialized research tools –Tracking systems –Versioning –Tools (open source or not, see before) –Real time interaction (Centra) online meetings every 2 months –Motivation and stimulation of people –Validations of inputs the troubles of Wikipedia... –Push-pull notification via mail... –Easing the group discussions Most of all: the people involved must be motivated. e.g.: select 1 for each partner who will be responsible for the KM. Reduce complexity. We dont search for THE solution for KM, but the right tools for a international consortium as eLene.

8 8/19 WP 8: KM / 2b private km: thinking aloud intentions In this eLene context we would like to ease: –communication among us, for instance: what we mean with e-learing, content, tool, resources, plattform, guideline... (maybe we can steal...).Its something like we did for EAC (do you remember the coloured doc?). which form documents are going to take [WP +oo / coord.]. attributes for the Bremen database [WP 6] –collecting of material for UOC [WP 1] –story telling of students and teachers and staff and us –recovery of analysis material [WP 2] –summarizing/mapping of the material (not a big messy list, but a minimal map) of Umea (I appreciated their approach!) [WP 3] –work in parallel [WP +oo] –solving of compromises (i.e. local languages/English, different cultural contexts...) –Saving and taking care and disseminating what comes out from our discussions [ YES, I WROTE THIS TODAY ]

9 9/19 WP 8: KM / 2c private km: intentions minimalhumannot boring effective...lets think about the famous Ramboll EU report......and the few sentences of Umea

10 10/19 WP 6 + WP 8: Website + KM / 2c private km Knowledge Management area for partners tools: –Developed by METID:.CoL 3 –free support portal for the Universitys institutional teaching and training activities.e-Project –expecially designed for collaborative work –Under licence:.Centra Symposium –Open sources (as inspiration or as real tools):.Gantt Project Briefly: WebDAV stands for Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning. It is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote web servers. Wiki is in Ward's original description: The simplest online database that could possibly work. Wiki is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser.

11 11/19 WP 6 + WP 8: Website + KM / 2d private km Knowledge Management area for partners: METID experience 1 –side_lab open source laboratory for methodology.leaded by Susanna and then using open source software we mentioned before and others.Digital Communication between procedures and creativity –km_lab knowledge management laboratory for connecting METIDs different locations.leaded by Marzio Ghezzi –OJT Gene Bank vocational training for work safety and occupational health..Made by Poliedra (now METID) ID: test04 PW:salakala

12 12/19 WP 6 + WP 8: Website + KM / 2e private km Knowledge Management area for partners: METID experience 2 –DLAE Distance Learning Accreditation in Europe.http://dlae.enpc.fr part of the project content…).We used Centra for international OnLine –METID:.Create accounts (not for all!).Select a leader for each session –Participants.Explorer 5 or higher….Install a plug-in.Test audio video (mics and w-cam) BEFORE ALL, IS BETTER TO DO A TRAINING SESSION

13 13/19 WP 6: Website / 3 VLRC Virtual Learning Resource Centre area –Milan: Ignazio presentation of our existing platform. –Bremen: Jens, Yildirai, Martina

14 14/19 WP 7: Dissemination / 1 Articles for the beginning: –Article CANEGE partenaire du réseau européen dexcellence eLene for Canal EDU (fr) by Deborah Arnold, already published; –Already issued and article Perspectives for a creative international co- operation by Matteo Uggeri about EU projects which involve METID on the Italian magazine E-Learning and Knowledge Management, February 2005 (soon available); –Ready to write an article entitled Human e-Learning network or something like this about the building up of our consortium for; Contacts with other TT EU projects: –E-TT the one Deborah mentioned (not HE but: ???).Leaded by Finland –EPICT (under e-Content) European Pedagogical ICT Licence (high schools).Leaded by Denmark (but with Czech, Greece and Ita – Geneve DIST)

15 15/19 WP 7: Dissemination / 2 For guests and interested people from all the world: –Open mailing list –Free access to a part of the VLRC –Open web seminars via Centra Publications: –(international on web: AACE Digital Library – International events: –EDU!!!! ask Ejia! –EDEN Conference, ask Ejia and Amaury Legait (DLAE) –Online Educa Madrid, ask UOC girls –Online Educa Berlin, Deborah! –ED – MEDIA (next: June/July Canada) –AACE - Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference SITE 2006 - Orlando, Florida, USA- Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference Leaflets, posters, t-shirts, stickers, songs… PS: Informing the UKHEP

16 16/19 WP 7: Dissemination / 3 (Our) national contacts: Inside our institutions! Events: –''eLearning Result Sestri Levante (e-learning mondial summit by Giunti) –TED Genova (Innovative Didactical Technologies) Magazines: –E-Learning & KM –Ericksson FORM@RE Sodalities: –Sie-l - Società Italiana di e-Learning Public institutions: –MIUR (Ministry of Education) –CNIPA (Ministry Public Adm.) –MIT (Ministry Innovat. and Tech.)

17 17/19 WP 7: Dissemination / 4 minimalhumannot boring effective Create a style for eLene (which in part already exists)

18 18/19 Timeline / sketch

19 19/19 Summary of first To-do WP 6: –Updating the public area –Creating the private access area –Graphic design –Structure –General layout –Hypertext WP 7: –Write the article for –Domain name registering –Take care about copyright and logo! WP 8: –Select one person in charge for each partner for getting deep into the KM.Centra session.KM admin for his side.Room owner –Set a flexible timetable for online meetings –Define priorities for internal communication and sharing of documents.i.e. Put all the slides of this meeting and the report templates in a private area...

20 20/19 WP 6 DISCUSSION GROUP: Deborah, Ulf, Matteo, Ignazio, Yidirai KMKM PublicPublic VLRCVLRC WP 1 room WP 2 room WP 3 room WP 4 room WP 5 room WP 6 room WP 7 room WP 8 room WP 9 room common room Centra + Gantt Project + Skipe... coffe room WP 1 show room WP 2 show room WP 3 show room WP 4 show room WP 5 show room WP 6 show room WP 7 show room WP 8 show room WP 9 show room Teachers group rooms... eLene guidelines, model... eLene pilot course (2 F-F workshops) Selection and design Staff Teacher (and other users) All (fully accesible) the eLene house

21 21/19 WP 6 DISCUSSION GROUP: Deborah, Ulf, Matteo, Ignazio, Yidirai all the mess we saw in the previous slide METID - Milano ZMML - Bremen WP-GroupsKM... Upload Files Metadata- Repository Metadata-Repository: Resource Description based on LOM Interface for Services (Retrieve, Store,...)

22 22/19 WP 6 DISCUSSION GROUP: Deborah, Ulf, Matteo, Ignazio, Yidirai The rooms owner (WP responsible) must: –Take care of the whole room –Prepare the showroom –Invite (subscribe) users and guests (i.e. colleagues...) –Prepare a room door (using a provided template).3 news / 3 latest items that occurred.List of people invited (involved) in it.Image representing (or not) the room.Collecting the faces of his staff –Preparing a template for collecting information (i.e. WP1 + 2) –Write a short story for the showroom about his groups work paths –...

23 23/19 METID TO DO Milestones as soon as possible Define responsibles inside METID (public): –Project manager –Financial manager »+.Km.Website.Dissemination »+ –Someone for the next call Internal –Designer –Graphic –Programmer

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