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Horticulture II - LC Plant ID Ground Covers.

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1 Horticulture II - LC Plant ID Ground Covers

2 Ajuga reptans CN: Ajuga Evergreen Ground Cover 3-4” tall
Compact, dense mat Glossy, 3-4” leaves Rosettes Flowers: 4-6” spikes blue-violet


4 Hedera Helix CN: English Ivy Evergreen, vine Leaves: young & adult
different shapes Dark-green, white veins Young: 3-5 lobes Adult: not lobed 1.5-4”


6 Iberis sempervirens CN: Candytuft Low, spreading mat
Easy-to-grow, semi-evergreen Leaves: narrow, dark green Flower: dainty, round clusters tiny, pure white Uses: edging plant


8 Juniperus conferta CN: Shore Juniper Dense, evergreen shrub
Small, spreading Leaves: awl’s in 3 pointed end white band w/ green through middle Bright blue-green very small cone – blue


10 Juniperus horizontalis ‘Plumosa’
CN: Creeping Juniper Evergreen, ground cover Dense, flat Branching, spreading Light green awl leaves


12 Liriope muscari CN: Liriope Evergreen perennial Mounding
Leaves: ribbon-like 10-18” Curves to ground Flowers: spikes small, purple or white Pea-sized berries Border


14 Ophiopogon japonicus CN: Mondo Grass Evergreen, perennial
Grass-like clumps Leaves: dark green rigid, thin Flowers hidden in clumps Border


16 Pachysandra terminalis
CN: Pachysandra Evergreen, slow-growing Dense mat Leaves: dark green, glossy oval, 2-4” whorled, serrated Flowers: creamy white tiny, 1-2” spikes


18 Vinca minor CN: Periwinkle Low, trailing evergreen
thin, trailing stems Leaves: glossy, dark green elliptical 1-2” Flowers: blue, 1” showy, cover plant Can be invasive


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