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M. C. Escher Artist Spotlight.

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1 M. C. Escher Artist Spotlight

2 M. C. Escher Lived 1898-1972 Born in the Netherlands
One of the greatest mathematical and graphic artists EVER Known for his impossible buildings, visual illusions and tessellations

3 M.C. Escher’s Artwork Created works that were considered "impossible constructions." "Impossible constructions" are works that are a type of 2-D figure but are interpreted as a 3-D figure Wood cuts, lithographs, engravings, drawings

4 Facts: M.C. Escher He was left handed
He did not consider himself to be an artist the house that he grew up in is now a museum

5 Balcony 1945 Lithograph

6 Eye 1946 Mezzotint, 7th and final stage

7 Relativity 1953 Lithograph

8 Belvedere, 1958

9 Convex and Concave, 1955




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