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A chapter-by-chapter review game

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2 A chapter-by-chapter review game
The Odyssey A chapter-by-chapter review game

3 Part I : Question 1 “Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story of that man skilled in all ways of contending…”, These lines are the beginning of The Odyssey where Homer calls upon Calliope (goddess of epic poetry) to help him tell the story. What is this called?

4 Answer: The Invocation to the Muse

5 Part I : Question 2 What sea nymph is currently holding Odysseus captive in her smooth caves (has held him for 7 years)?

6 Answer: Calypso

7 Part I : Question 3 Odysseus has been away from home for almost twenty years now and is currently being held as “prisoner.” Athena asks Zeus for help. What god does he send to Calypso telling her to release Odysseus?

8 Answer: Hermes, the messenger god

9 Part I : Question 4 Odysseus leaves for Ithaca after defeating the Trojans. This trip should have taken two weeks. Instead, how long does it take?

10 Answer: Ten years.

11 Part I: Question 5 Odysseus and his men land first in a peaceful village. Instead of enjoying the tranquility, they ravage the city and behave like monsters. The city-folk gather reinforcements and come out of the hills on horseback, driving back his men. What were the names of these people?

12 Answer: The Ciconians.

13 Part I: Question 6 Odysseus sent several men to explore upon their landing in the Land of the Lotus-Eaters. What effect did the lotus have on his men?

14 Answer: Lotus, an addictive flower, causes them to sleep and forget home.

15 Part I: Question 7 In the episode of “The Cyclops,” who suggests staying and seeing the Cyclops up close, instead of taking the sheep and stealing the cheese?

16 Answer: Odysseus.

17 Part I: Question 8 Odysseus lies to Polyphemus about the status of his ship and about his name. What does he tell him that his name is?

18 Answer: Nobody.

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