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By: Israel Eric Makenzie

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1 By: Israel Eric Makenzie
Black Bear By: Israel Eric Makenzie

2 Habitat Females typically hibernate longer than males. North Carolinas bears just do it for shorter time periods than their northern cousins.

3 Food Black bears eat fish,berries,acorns,corn,frogs,fruits,honey,and insects.

4 Physical Appearance Black Bears have large paws. They also have sharp cay nines that help them kill their pray. Black Bears have thick black coats that keeps them warm. They have been clocked at speeds of 35 Miles per hour over short distance.

5 Behavior They have up to 1 to3 baby bear cubs. How cool is that!

6 Fun facts! Females typically hibernate longer than male black bears.

7 More Fun facts! Did you know that female black bears is more protective than some male black bears. Did you also know that sometimes the mother black bears will leave their cubs at the den wile she goes and finds food?

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