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Beth Roland Eighth Grade Science Team 5 Mountaineers

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1 Beth Roland Eighth Grade Science Team 5 Mountaineers
Ocean Pollution Beth Roland Eighth Grade Science Team 5 Mountaineers

2 What is Ocean Pollution?
Pollution: damage to the environment as a result of contamination by chemicals, biological agents, sediment, radiation, or heat

3 Coastal Pollution Coastal waters are MOST sensitive to pollution because they are: – Heavily used – Close to sources of pollution – Shallow-water bodies – Not as well circulated as the open ocean Coastal pollution is made up of marine pollution and marine debris

4 Pollution: Cause and Effect
The introduction by man, directly or indirectly, of substances or energy into the marine environment, including estuaries, and has the following effects: – harm to marine life – hazards to human health – adversely affects marine activities, including fishing and other uses of the sea – decreases quality for use of sea water (World Health Organization)

5 Main Sources of Marine Pollution
• Petroleum (oil) • Sewage sludge • DDT and PCBs • Mercury • Point source: clearly discernable in terms of origin (municipal sewage outfall, oil tanker spills, offshore oil well blowouts) • Non-point-source pollution: ill-defined or diffused sources, runoff (harbors and marinas, TBT, powerboat pollution, invasive species, agriculture, forestry, urban runoff, marine debris, air pollution, noise pollution, dredging

6 Impact of an Oil Spill • When oil washes up on a beach, it can negatively affect the marine environment • Oil can coat aquatic life and render their insulating fur or feathers useless

7 Sludge Depository Sewage sludge is the semisolid material that
remains after sewage treatment • Much sewage sludge was dumped offshore until laws restricted sewage dumping

8 DDT and PCB’s DDT was a widely used pesticide that became concentrated in marine fish -DDT caused brown pelicans and ospreys to produce thin egg shells - Worldwide, DDT has been banned from agricultural use but is still found in developing countries PCBs are industrial chemicals used as liquid coolants and insulation in industrial equipment such as power transformers -PCBs enter the marine environment through leaks and from discarded equipment -PCBs can accumulate in animal tissues and affect reproduction

9 Current Laws Regulating Off-shore Dumping

10 Plastic in an Aquatic Environment


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