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Strengths and Weaknesses

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1 Strengths and Weaknesses
Union & Confederacy

2 Strengths: Union or Confederacy
1. More Industry A = Union Strength 2. Familiar Territory A = Confederacy Strength 3. Strong Support of the white population A = Confederate Strength 4. Abraham Lincoln 5. More efficient railway system

3 Strengths: Union or Confederacy
6. Robert E. Lee A = Confederate Strength 7. Stronger Navy A = Union Strength 8. More money and resources 9. Controlled the banking industry 10. Superior Military leaders

4 Strengths: Union or Confederacy
11. Superior Military Training A = Union Strength 12. Experienced Officers A = Confederate Strength 13. Larger Population

5 Weaknesses: Union or Confederacy
Divided support of the war A = Union Weakness 2. Robert E. Lee A = Confederate Weakness 3. Smaller population A = Confederate weakness 4. Bringing the Seceded states back into the Union would be a difficult task. 5. The belief in states’ rights reduced the power of its central government.

6 Weaknesses: Union or Confederacy
6. Limited railway system A = Confederate Weakness 7. Weak military leaders A = Union Weakness 8. Invasion is much more difficult than defending 9. ½ the amount of food and supplies 10. Very small manufacturing and industry

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