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Coordinate System and Graphing Ordered Pairs and Relations.

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1 Coordinate System and Graphing Ordered Pairs and Relations

2 Points on a coordinate plane can be located by using pairs of integers. Integers are positive and negative #s. The coordinate plane consists of the following:

3 1)a horizontal axis (left to right) which is called the x-axis 2)a vertical axis (up and down) which is called the y-axis 3)the origin, (0, 0), where the x- and y- axis cross or intersect


5 4) an infinite set of ordered pairs or points. Points are named by using capital letters and given location by using ordered pairs. The ordered pair corresponds to location on the x- and y- axis.

6 For example, Point A is located at (x, y). To graph this point you start at the origin and move to the right (if x is positive) or left (if x is negative). Then, from that location, move up (if y is positive) or down (if y is negative). Place a point on the coordinate plane and label with the capital letter, A.


8 5) four regions called quadrants. Quadrant I: (+x, +y) Quadrant II: (-x, +y) Quadrant III: (-x, -y) Quadrant IV: (+x, -y)

9 A point is located in or on: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, origin, x-axis, or the y-axis (Most textbooks or handouts only ask which quadrant. You need to choose from the above 7 locations.)

10 Practice (If you have the Internet, check out some of these websites. We will probably look at some in class too.) xtra_examples/chapter2/lesson2_6.pdf xtra_examples/chapter2/lesson2_6.pdf l U4L1/S2U4L1Pract.html U4L1/S2U4L1Pract.html ralCoordinates/ ralCoordinates/ nced/index.htm nced/index.htm bin/msgQuiz.php4?isbn= &chapter=2&lesson=6&&headerFile=6&state=nc bin/msgQuiz.php4?isbn= &chapter=2&lesson=6&&headerFile=6&state=nc

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