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The Trial of ChristopherColumbus

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2 The Trial of ChristopherColumbus

3 Case Background Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain on August 3, 1492. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain sponsored Columbus’ voyage. He was to find a new route to the East Indies. He was to bring gold and riches back to Spain.

4 Case Background Three ships in Columbus’ Voyage:
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria They sailed into uncharted waters. They had to ration water and food. On October 10, The Crew became Mutinous…They wanted to turn back. On October 12, they spotted drift wood and a sea gull…”Tierra, Tierra!”

5 Case Background Christopher lands on the New World on October 12, 1492. He landed in the Bahamas…Modern-day Dominican Republic & Haiti. They named the land Hispaniola.

6 Case Background When Columbus landed in the New World, he encountered the “Taino”. He would begin trading with the Native Americans. He would not find the many riches and gold that he had hoped.

7 Case Background Columbus would return to Spain and make 3 more voyages to the New World. Columbus would set a Tribute system with the Taino Tribe. The Natives would become enslaved and gather gold and spices for Columbus.

8 Case Background The Taino Population began to reduce once the Europeans arrived. The reduction was due to murder, enslavement, and disease. Taino Population: million million million ,000 ,000 ,000 ,750

9 Charges Against Columbus
Christopher Columbus is charged with the following: The Enslavement of the Taino People The Stealing of artifacts from the Taino. The murder of thousands of the Taino. The use of genocide.

10 Prosecution’s Statement
“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I intend to prove that the defendant, Christopher Columbus, is guilty of the enslavement of the Taino People and the murder of thousands. While most believe Columbus to be hero, I will prove that he used enslavement and genocide to fulfill his ruthless greed. You must find the defendant guilty of all charges.”

11 Defense’s Statement “My client is charged with murder and enslavement. Firstly, I must say that Columbus only traded with the Taino People. It was his jealous crew who makes the claims that he enslaved the Natives. He did use them as workers, but he treated them very well. Secondly, it is a tragedy that many of the Taino Tribe died. But it is not at the hands of my client. Most of the Natives died of disease. It is obviously impossible to blame my client for that act of God. You must find my client Not Guilty.”

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