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Lights, Camera, Action! Creating digital productions to teach content and showcase learning By: Elisha James.

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1 Lights, Camera, Action! Creating digital productions to teach content and showcase learning By: Elisha James

2 Learning Objectives for Today: oWe will learn how to transform content into digital productions oWe will identify the types of tools and media needed to collect content oWe will learn how to use windows movie maker and other programs to put it all together oWe will review technology no-nos for CCS and multi- media resources oWe will learn how media presentations can benefit student learning and ourselves as teachers.


4 Where to start….. Picking a topic.. ~ Science Inquiry ~Social Studies Topic ~ Culminating Math Review ~Literacy-Retelling, Story Extensions… ~Use your creativity!!

5 Let the learning begin… Once youve chosen a topic decide how your students are going to learn and showcase the content. oKWL Chart oUnit Review (outline) oStory Retelling (scene selection)

6 KWL Chart

7 The Transformation: How are you going to digitize your products? oPhotos, Photos & Voice Over-PhotoStory oPhotos & Video-iMovie, Movie Maker oPodcast

8 Notes for the Teacher oPlan, organize, or assign duties to collect information, and to create needed pieces for production project. oPlanning is crucial! Think ahead for what you need to make the project go smoothly. oImagine in your head what you want your end product to look like

9 Examples for Planning: oSet aside days needed to collect information, review, or research topics (student learning) oAssign each child with a job or for older grades you can put students in groups. oNote limitations of jobs for certain students. Example: A student who does not have photo permission and is yearbook only cannot have a part that requires them to be on camera. But be sure to note their name on credits or in some other part of the movie to make sure they feel included.

10 What kind of tools will I need? oDigital Camera oFlip Video Camera oMicrophone oOnline clip art, photos, videos that are free for use oMAC Computer-podcast, green screen, iMovie oPhoto Story program oWindows Movie Maker

11 Putting it all together.. For your first time expect to put in a few hours…its a learning experience!! After youve did it once, its all easy peezy, lemon squeezy! There are several programs to help you put it all together: oiMovie oPhoto Story oWindows Movie Maker

12 oMost, if not all windows operating PCs have Windows Movie Maker. If you dont have it you can download it from o US/windows/downloads US/windows/downloads oThere are different versions, the newer versions on newer computers are easier to use with more options, but old versions are not very difficult either. oThere are lots of video tutorials on YouTube and even a help section within the program if you get stuck Exploring Windows Movie Maker

13 Windows 7 Movie Maker

14 Windows XP/2003 Movie Maker

15 The Basics of Movie Maker: oAdding title slides, or plain slides with text. oAdding photos oAdding videos oAdding music and voice recordings

16 Making it pretty.. oChanging fonts oClipping videos and music oTransitions and themes…

17 The No-Nos oUsing students that are no photo for photos or videos. oUsing music from a CD you own or downloaded from itunes, or other outlet. oUsing copyrighted photos, videos, or clip art from the web.

18 How to do it the right way.. oGet your music from a CCS approved program that is not copyrighted. oGoogle search for photos and that are free use or create your own photos through student drawings, or from your digital camera. oCreate your own videos or use downloadable videos from Discovery Streaming. oDouble check your photo permission forms for your students. Lots of times parents will change if you explain what the form allows the student to do, or not do.

19 Ta-Da!! Im ready to publish! There are several ways to publish your product for your students and parents to view. Class Website Wiki/Blog/Xserver H Drive: Shared Folder (Students only)

20 How does this type of project benefit students? Technology is appealing in this day and age to even the youngest of students Correlates with real life experiences Promotes team work in the classroom Creates a memorable experience which correlates with learning Creates pride in student work

21 How can it benefit me as a teacher? oCreates evidence of student learning needed for our new teacher evaluation tool oHelps you meet 21 st century and technology standards within the new teacher evaluation tool. oPuts learning into the hands of students to where you can be the facilitator oMakes you seem like the cool teacher!

22 Other Examples: Visit my webpage and check out my wiki blog: shajames/blog/

23 Other Examples:

24 Go Get Your Creative On!!

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