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The 13 Colonies.

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1 The 13 Colonies

2 The New England Colonies
In the early 1600’s, England required all people to follow the Church of England. Puritans and Separatists were persecuted by England. The Pilgrims set sail for North America in 1620.

3 The New England Colonies
The Pilgrims landed at Cape Cod (Plymouth Rock) The Pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact before they left the ship. The Pilgrims established the Plymouth Colony. The Puritans arrived in 1630 and renamed the colony the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

4 The Middle Colonies In 1623, the Dutch government set up a joint-stock-company. The Dutch established New Amsterdam. The English arrived in 1664 and took control of New Amsterdam and renamed it New York.

5 The Middle Colonies William Penn was given a charter to establish a colony by Charles II. Penn established the Pennsylvania Colony. Penn was a Quaker and set up a Quaker-Based colony. Great relationship with the Native Americans.

6 Southern Colonies Lord Baltimore set up a Catholic Colony.
Baltimore established the colony of Maryland, named after Queen Mary. In 1663, King Charles II issued a land grant south of Virginia. They named the colony Carolina, named after King Charles II.

7 The Southern Colonies James Oglethorpe established the last colony, Georgia. Georgia was a colony for English debtors. The main economy of the Southern Colonies was the Plantation System.

8 Hardships and Problems in the 13 Colonies - Religion
Puritans would not allow any religion that did not follow the laws of the Puritan faith. (Hypocrisy?) Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams founded Rhode Island – Freedom of Religion.

9 Hardships and Problems in the 13 Colonies – Witch Trials
The Witch Trials occurred between 1692 – 1696. More than 150 men and women were accused and tried. 19 men and women were found guilty and put to death.

10 Hardships and Problems in the 13 Colonies – Clash with Natives
King Phillip’s War Metacom (aka. King Phillip) led the Wompanoag Tribe against the colonies. The main reasons were: Religion Land ownership Increase in European Population

11 Hardships and Problems in the 13 Colonies - Pirates
Golden Age of Piracy (1680 – 1730) Most pirates began their careers as a “Privateer” – A captain is commissioned by the King to raid enemy ships and claim their cargo. Many privateers chose piracy because of the money.

12 Captain Henry Morgan

13 Captain Henry Morgan “King of all the Pirates”
Former Vice Admiral of the British Fleet. 1st Pirate to attack and steal from other Pirates. First to sail under the “Jolly Roger” flag.

14 Calico Jack Rackham

15 Calico Jack Rackham Considered to be the most vicious.
Known to force men to be castrated before becoming a part of his crew. Only pirate to sail with women pirates: Anne Bonny and Mary Reade (Women were considered to be “bad luck” on a ship).

16 Captain Blackbeard

17 Captain Blackbeard Real name Edward Teach.
Most famous pirate and most wanted pirate. Ship: Queen Anne’s Revenge Most ships surrendered before Blackbeard boarded their ship.

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