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The United States Constitution

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1 The United States Constitution
Article #1 – Article #7

2 Article #1 What powers are granted to Congress? A = To make laws
What branch of government is created by Article #1? A = The Legislative Branch What are the two houses of Congress? A = House of Representatives & The Senate What are the three qualifications to be a member of the House? A = 25 years of age A = Citizen for 7 years A = Live in District and State that they represent

3 Article #1 Who is the leader of the House of Representatives?
A = The Speaker of the House How long is the term of a member of the House of Representatives? A = 2 years What are the three qualifications to be a member of the Senate? A = 30 years old A citizen for 9 years Live in the state that they represent

4 Article #1 How many Senators are chosen from each state?
A = 2 per state How many Senators are in the Senate today? A = 100 total What is the total number of members in the House of Representatives? A = 435 total Who is the President of the Senate? A = The Vice President

5 Article #1 What is the length of term for a Senator? A = six years
What are the salaries for the members of Congress? A = $165,200 Who has the power to approve or veto all bills from Congress? A = The President How many members of Congress must agree to overturn a veto? A = 2/3 in both houses

6 Article #1 Name enumerated powers of Congress.
A = Taxes, Declare War, Naturalization, Bankruptcy, money, counterfeiting, etc… What is the Elastic Clause? A = Congress can stretch its powers to pass laws. What is habeas corpus? A = Prevents citizens from being held in prison or jail without formal charges of a crime.

7 Article #2 What powers are granted to the Executive Branch?
A = To enforce laws How long is a President’s term in office? A = 4 years Who actually elects the President of the United States? A = The Electoral College On what exact day of the year are elections held? A = The 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November

8 Article #2 What is the salary of the President? A = $400,000
If the President of the U.S. dies, who takes over? A = The Vice President What are the three qualifications to be President of the United States? A = 35 years of age A = A natural – born citizen A = Live in the US 14 years prior to running for President

9 Article #2 Name the 5 Roles of the President.
A = Chief Executive, Chief Diplomat, Legislative Leader, Commander-in-Chief, and Political Leader As Commander in Chief, what powers does the President have? A = The power to control troops What is the State of the Union Address? A = Expresses his goals to Congress

10 Article #3 What powers are granted to the Judicial Branch of government? A = The power to interpret laws What court is the highest court in the land? A = The Supreme Court What types of cases does the Supreme Court hear? A = Cases appealed from lower courts & cases involving the U.S. Constitution How many justices make up the Supreme Court? A = 9 Justices What is Appellate jurisdiction ? A = Cases appealed from lower courts What is the term of office for a Supreme Court judge? A = For life

11 Article #4 What does “Full Faith and Credit” mean?
A = Each state must recognize the laws and decisions of the other states. What current issue falls under the category of “full faith and credit”? A = Same-Sex Marriage What is Extradition? A = Persons who are charged with serious crimes must be returned to the state where the crimes took place for trial. Who has the authority to admit new states? A = Congress

12 Article #5 How do you change the Constitution? A = Add an Amendment
How many members of Congress or states must agree to propose an amendment? A = 2/3 Once an amendment has been proposed, how many states must agree to add it to the Constitution? A = 3/4

13 Article #6 What is the highest law? A = U.S. Constitution
All elected officials and federal employees must take an oath to the ______________.

14 Article #7 How many states had to approve the Constitution before it could be ratified? A = 9 Which two states did not originally ratify the U.S. Constitution? A = North Carolina & Rhode Island Who were the North Carolina Delegates that signed the U.S. Constitution? A = William Blount, Richard Dobbs Spaight, and Hugh Williamson

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