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Lab equipment and Lab Safety

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1 Lab equipment and Lab Safety
Think safety with every step you do in the lab!

2 Lab Equipment Glassware Tongs Scoopula Test tube holders
Test tube racks Pipettes Watch glass, evaporating dish Mortar and pestle Measuring devices

3 Graduated cylinder Pipette Bulb Flasks Erlenmeyer Flask

4 Measuring fluids Mixing Mixing Mixing

5 Beakers ARE for mixing fluids—Not for measuring


7 Triple Beam Balance, is not affected by gravity

8 Bunsen Burner

9 Ring stand set up

10 Section 2.3 Interest Grabber It is important to pay attention to warning labels when working with chemicals. Look at the safety symbols at the right.

11 Section 2.3 Safety Symbols Write a brief statement for each symbol explaining what actions you need to take to avoid a possible danger.

12 Interest Grabber Answers
Section 2.3 Interest Grabber Answers

13 Interest Grabber Answers
Section 2.3 A. No flames, sparks, or exposed sources of heat should be present during an experiment. B. Waft fumes to you to avoid these from burning your lung tissue. C. Avoid getting corrosive chemicals on skin or clothing, or in the eyes. D. Tie back long hair and loose clothing, and put on safety goggles before using a burner. Interest Grabber Answers

14 Wear Protective Clothing
Goggles Lab coats or Aprons Gloves as needed

15 Lab Rules First: Read all Directions for an experiment and follow directions. Never perform unauthorized or unsupervised labs or handle equipment without permission. Ask questions before you do something

16 Lab Rules continued When you design your own lab, make sure your lab procedure has been approved by your teacher. NEVER EAT, DRINK or Bring FOOD or water into the laboratory area.

17 Lab Rules continued Do not chew gum during a lab!
REPORT ALL ACCIDENTS TO TEACHER IMMEDIATELY Report any fire to teacher and know where the fire extinguisher and fire blanket are located

18 Dress Code Rules Always wear goggles OVER EYES ( there will be a deduction in your Lab Participation grade if not worn.) 2nd warning you will sit out. Wear protective clothing if necessary

19 Dress Rules Cont. Tie back hair and loose clothing
Remove dangling jewelry that could contact chemicals or cause hazards.

20 Handling Glassware Handle all glassware with care
Report all breakages, even chipped glassware to teacher—DO NOT TOUCH BROKEN GLASS!! Make sure glassware is not near edges of the work table

21 Glassware Cont. Never heat glassware that is not fully dry or heat resistant (pyrex) Do not touch any glassware that has been on the hot plate with your unprotected hands. Use tongs or heat resistant gloves. NEVER drink from Lab glassware

22 Heating and Fire Safety
Never reach over a flame or hot plate NEVER touch hot object with your bare hands Tie back long hair, loose clothing and put on safety goggles before using a burner.

23 Heating and Fire Safety Cont.
Never heat chemicals without your teacher’s permission When heating a test tube point it away from people Heat the test tube at a 45◦ angle—Not straight up Never Heat a closed container

24 Electrical Safety Do not use electrical equipment near water or if your hands are wet Use only three prong sockets Disconnect equipment not in use Do Not Use damaged equipment or frayed cords

25 Chemical Safety Do not let corrosive or poisonous chemicals get on your skin or clothing or in your eyes Never test for an odor by sticking your nose directly into or over the odor—Waft THE ODER TO YOU!!

Never touch, taste or smell a chemical that you do not know, for certain, that is not dangerous

27 Chemical safety Cont. Avoid spilling chemicals—tell teacher if you spill anything except water. When using strong acids or bases, ALWAYS pour these into the water not vice versa. DO NOT pour water into the acid/base

28 End of Experiment Rules
Follow your teacher’s directions as to disposal of chemicals. DO NOT POUR ANYTHING DOWN THE DRAIN without permission

29 End of Experiment Rules
Your work area must be left clean and ready for the next group When the area is clean and dry, you may get with your lab group and complete your lab report.

30 End of Experiment Rules
WASH YOUR HANDS AT THE END OF THE EXPERIMENT. Throw all paper towels in trash. There is to be no trash in the sinks or your group will loose points off the lab report.

31 End of Experiment Rules

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