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Twenty Questions Subject: Twenty Questions 12345 678910 1112131415 1617181920.

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2 Twenty Questions Subject:

3 Twenty Questions 12345 678910 1112131415 1617181920

4 1. A health facility purchases a mechanical lift the nursing assistant has never used before. The assistant should: Operate the lift only after being properly instructed on how to use it

5 2. Which of the following statements about the use of restraints without a doctor's order is true? They can be applied in an emergency if the doctor is notified afterwards

6 3. The cord on a heat lamp is frayed and you cannot find another heat lamp. You should: Make no attempt to use the heat lamp. Send it to be repaired

7 4. A patient has slid down in the bed. When assisting the patient to move up in the bed, the health care worker would tell the patient: "Bend your legs and press into the mattress with your heels."

8 5. All of the following are encessary to meet OSHA guidelines for fire extinguishers EXCEPT: All fire extinguishers must be displayed in a glass case.

9 6. Mr. Fairbanks is paralyzed on his RIGHT side and is admitted to the long-term care facility. For his safety, which of the following is MOST important? Placing the call bell on his left side

10 7. A health facility purchasing agent purchased three type ABC extinguishers. What is the best reason for purchasing this type? ABC extinguishers can be used on any type of fire

11 8. When dealing with fire safety as a health facility employee, you should know that: Fires need oxygen, fuel, and heat in order to start

12 9. Which of the following is true about incident reports? Unsafe conditions that might lead to accidents should be reported

13 10. Which statement is NOT TRUE about the use of good body mechanics? Makes it unnecessary to call for assistance from another health care worker

14 11. An incident report would be filed in all of the following situations EXCEPT when: A patient complains that his/her pain medication is not working

15 12. You are about to lift a box from the floor. You should: Bend at the knees and hips and lift with your leg muscles

16 13. While assisting a physician with a procedure, some blood is spilled on the oberbed table. what should the health assistant do? Clean the spill with a 1:10 dilution of bleach

17 14. Used needles, scalpels, and sharp instruments should be: Put in a puncture-resistant container immediately

18 15. Standard precautions are used for: All patients

19 16. The BEST way to identify a patient before giving care is to: Read the patient's ID bracelet

20 17. Restraints may be applied: To protect the patient from harming himself or others

21 18. When moving a patient up in bed, which action should be taken FIRST? Raise the bed to waist level

22 19. An incident/accident report should contain all of the following EXCEPT the: Person writing the report's opinion of what caused the incident

23 20. A registered nurse at Sheppard Memorial Hospital feels that working conditions are unsafe. Where should the nurse report his/her concerns FIRST? Nursing Supervisor

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