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2014-2015 Orientation Dean’s Dolphins.  is the best:  You may also send a note in your child’s folder.

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1 2014-2015 Orientation Dean’s Dolphins

2  Email is the best:  You may also send a note in your child’s folder.

3 I am Safe. I am Respectful. I am Responsible. I am a Learner.

4 Give Me 5 1. My eyes are looking. 2. My ears are listening. 3. My body is peaceful. 4. My mouth is quiet. 5. My mind is thinking.

5  I will be sending home a monthly homework this year in kindergarten.  Complete the required list of activities, then return it by the due date indicated on the form.  I do not send home worksheets. You are welcome to purchase a workbook or print forms from the internet for your child to work on. I will not be providing them.  READ, READ, READ everyday!!!!!

6  The “I Can Read Binder” is sent home Friday.  Read it with your child and return the following Monday.  Several items are in the binder: Letter poems Sight word poems Alphabet chart Kindergarten sight words (to practice)

7  Sent home DAILY! Please empty and return everyday.  What is in the folder? Work your child has completed during the day Homework Important information from me Field trip permission slips Information from the school or PTSA

8  We have a snack during recess (morning and afternoon).  I will not provide snack for your child.  You need to provide a healthy snack for your child. PLEASE NO PEANUT/PEANUT BUTTER PRODUCTS.

9  The Tahoma school district has a no food/no candy policy for birthday celebrations.  If you wish to send in something special for your child’s birthday, please find a non-food, non-candy item for them to hand out at the end of the day on their birthday.  We have 24 kids in our class (12 girls and 12 boys). I cannot give out personal information.

10  Make sure everything is correct  If something is incorrect or missing: Correct it on the pass Talk to Ms. Dean after orientation Go to the office and tell them the change  Attach the pass on your child’s backpack.

11  Pick up parents - Please wait at the benches for your child.  Bus parents – I will walk your child to the bus everyday.  If your child’s going home routine changes please: 1. Call the Lake Wilderness Elementary office 2. Email Ms. Dean 3. Send a note in your child’s folder

12  Your child will eat lunch at school every day!  Please send a lunch bag/box marked with your child’s name. The cost of milk ONLY is $.50.  Purchasing lunch is also an option. The cost is $2.50 for the full lunch (including milk).  You can pay for lunch online or send in a check/cash to pay for lunch.

13  ALWAYS mark with your child’s name, what it is for and the amount Example: Graham Dean, Lunch Money, $20.00  Put the money in a SEALED envelope or Ziploc baggie.  Put that envelope/baggie in the folder

14  If you want to volunteer in the class: 1. You MUST be approved (fill out the forms) 2. You WILL NOT start until OCTOBER. 3. Volunteer times MUST be pre-arranged (I will send home volunteer forms in the next couple of weeks).  Field Trip Chaperones must also be approved.

15  Every Friday (except tomorrow) is an early release day for the Tahoma School district.  Students attend school from 9:10-2:10.  Students will need a lunch or lunch money.

16  Tomorrow (9/5) is the FIRST regular day of Kindergarten!!! Please send your child with a lunch.  Attach the transportation pass to your child’s backpack.  You may walk your child to our meeting spot on the first day of school ONLY.

17  Baby Wipes (unscented)  Kirkland/Clorox antibacterial wipes  Cotton Balls  Gallon Ziploc baggies  Ziploc “slider” baggies  Stickers/prize box prizes


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