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The Things They Carried Written by: Tim OBrien Cylivia Lee.

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1 The Things They Carried Written by: Tim OBrien Cylivia Lee

2 Tim OBrien Author of T he Things They Carried and many other Vietnam War novels.

3 The Things They Carried In this novel, OBrien lists the physical and intangible items that men carry with them to war such as weapons, good luck charms, letters, pictures, emotions, and thoughts.

4 The Things They Carried OBrien begins this novel explaining the thoughts of Lieutenant Cross for Martha, a girl he loves and writes to. He reads and re- reads her letters and ponders about her each day. But, with his thoughts of her, he is also in charge of the lives of his men. After one of his men died, Lieutenant Cross is forced to focus more on the war instead of Martha.

5 The Things They Carried Throughout the novel is a collection of short stories from the views of those who fought in the war.

6 The Things They Carried In The Things They Carried, OBrien explained how to determine a true war story. He concludes that it doesnt have to have a meaning or lesson behind it for it to be true.

7 OBriens Technique OBrien uses a very inconspicuous way of writing. Although his novels are based on his life during the Vietnam War, they are mostly fiction. His stories are only based on his life and not all them are true.

8 Inside Look In one of his short stories, OBrien described a soldier named Mark Fossie who brought his girlfriend, Mary Anne, in from America to visit. She had just graduated from high school. After a couple months in Vietnam, she changed her lifestyle and turned from this innocent American girl into this wild savage- like creature living in the forest.

9 Inside Look This short story of Mark Fossie and Mary Anne is an example of how OBrien shows the reality of war and how it changes people. He uses stories similar to this to help readers appreciate war stories and to determine whether they are true or not true.

10 A Review of OBriens works The Things They Carried is said to be one of the best war novels in OBriens generation. After viewing his work, I believe that The Things They Carried brings a new perspective in the way people may view veterans and the truth in war stories.

11 The End

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