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Twenty Questions Subject: Skeletal Twenty Questions 12345 678910 1112131415 1617181920.

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2 Twenty Questions Subject: Skeletal

3 Twenty Questions 12345 678910 1112131415 1617181920

4 1.Catherine injured while ice skating. Her X- ray shows no signs of bone abnormality but her doctor feels she has damaged ligaments. Catherines diagnosis is a: Sprain

5 2. If you move from a sitting to a standing position, what type of joint movement occurs at the knee? Extension

6 3. As LaRhonda ages her bones will become more porous, lose calcium and phosphorus and be more likely to fracture. This condition is called: Osteoporosis

7 4. The medical term for the finger bones is: Phalanges

8 5. Poor posture can cause the lumbar spine to become swaybacked. The medical term for this condition is: Lordosis

9 6. During a fall from a tree, Tiny Tim fracture his tibia, and the bone broke through the skin. This type of fracture is known as a: Compound Fracture

10 7. During a routine school checkup, it is noted that Susans spine is curbed from side to side. This is called: Scoliosis

11 8. What lower arm bone is located on thumb side of the hand? Radius

12 9. Abnormal curvature of the thoracic spine causes a hunchback appearance. This disorder is known as: Kyphosis

13 10. The fluid that reduces the friction during joint movement is: Synovial fluid

14 11. The process of blood cell formation in the red bone marrow of bones is called: Hemopoiesis

15 12. Dense bone is called compact bone and porous bone is called: Spongy bone

16 13. One function of the skeletal system is the storage of: Calcium

17 14. Chewing involves the use of which movable skull bone? Mandible

18 15. The areas where cranial bones join together to form immovable joints are called: sutures

19 16. What type of joint allows the greatest freedom of movement? Ball-and-socket joints

20 17. What type of movement occurs when you turn your head from side to side to say no Rotation

21 18. Lisa fell out of a tree and broke her clavicle. This bone injury is called a: Fracture

22 19. Mrs. Jones suffers from painful inflammation of her joints. This condition is known as: Arthritis

23 20.Which of the following is classified as a cranial bone? Occipital

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