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California Transportation Plan Policy Advisory Committee June 17, 2014.

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1 California Transportation Plan Policy Advisory Committee June 17, 2014

2 Statewide Vision 2

3 State Leadership Create a bold vision for a sustainable future Caltrans’ new Mission Statement sets the tone and is supported by - CTP Vision Statement CFMP Vision Statement Opportunity for a coordinated Statewide approach/direction on sustainability 3

4 CTP Vision The California Transportation Plan is based on the concept of sustainability Safe, sustainable, and globally competitive While meeting our greenhouse gas emission reduction goals Supports a prosperous economy, human and environmental health, and social equity 4

5 CTP Goal #6: Practice Environmental Stewardship Integrate Environmental Considerations in All Stages of Planning and Implementation Conserve and Enhance Natural, Agricultural, and Cultural Resources Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Other Air Pollutants Transformation to a Clean and Energy Efficient Transportation System 5

6 CTP and Sustainable Freight The CTP goals share sustainability and environmental concepts Both support a Vibrant Economy Both highlight Environmental Stewardship These same concepts also apply to the California Freight Mobility Plan Process 6

7 Sustainable Freight Strategy 7

8 Freight Transport System 8 Facilities: Seaports Airports Rail yards & lines Distribution centers Warehouses High traffic roads Border crossings Modes:

9 Freight Impacts at Many Levels 9 Localized health risk Regional air pollution Climate change

10 Progress in Reducing Freight Emissions in California (Tons/Day) 10

11 Freight is a Significant Contributor to California’s Air Pollution 11 Exhaust Emissions from All Freight Equipment as a Fraction of Statewide Emissions

12 Sustainable Freight Starts Here Improve air quality and public health Increase energy security Support logistics growth and new jobs Maintain competitiveness of California businesses Improve transportation mobility 12

13 Stakeholder Engagement is Critical 13

14 Sustainable Freight Feedback Common Themes Operation Efficiencies Land-use and Infrastructure Engines/Equipment Energy/Fuel Funding/Incentives Economy and Jobs 14

15 2014 Sustainable Freight Strategy Document Freight fundamentals and need for transformation Stakeholder concepts for sustainable freight Technology assessments Principles for freight transportation projects Actions needed over next 5 years Begin to identify potential operational efficiency and metrics Begin to develop principles for new freight facilities 15

16 Sustainable Freight Strategy – 2014 Timeline 16 WhenFocus of Work EffortStakeholder Forums SpringStakeholder concepts, technology assessments, efficiency, criteria for transportation projects Focus groups, community, stakeholder meetings and initial public forum SummerDraft assessments, initial efficiency metrics/options, draft criteria for transportation and freight facilities, outline of measures and actions Focus groups, community and stakeholder meetings FallSustainable Freight Strategy draft document and stakeholder feedback Public workshops, Board meeting

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