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The Baker Heater League & 11:59

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1 The Baker Heater League & 11:59
By: Bryson, Noah, Walt, Hayden, and Caleb

2 The Baker Heater League
Author: Patricia McKissack

3 Info about author Born in Smyrna, TN Currently lives in St Louis, MO
Books she wrote- A Long Hard Journey, Days of Jubilee, and Rebels Against Slavery.

4 Setting and Picture Around the early 1900s in St Louis.

5 Point of View This story is non-fiction. It is wrote in third person.

6 The Plot There is not a conflict or a resolution in this story.
The plot is Pullman porters telling story’s about different porters around the world.

7 Important Vocabulary There are two words that you need to know.
Mishaps and burdened.

8 Characters and character traits
John Henry, Casey Jones, and Daddy Joe. There character traits are nice, loyal, and brave.

9 Theme To learn from other people’s accomplishments.

10 3 Questions What is the point of the Baker Heater League?
Who are the main character in this story? Where is the setting of the story?

11 11:59 By: Patricia McKissack

12 Info of Author Born in 1944 in Smyrna, TN. Lives in St. Louis, MO.

13 Setting The setting is in St. Louis at the St. Louis Union Station.

14 Point of View The story “11:59” is written in 3rd person point of view. The story is fiction.

15 Plot The conflict is that Lester Simmons is trying to outsmart death.
The resolution is that death finally beats Lester at his own game.

16 Important Vocabulary Finery, worrisome, and lurking

17 Characters The main characters in the “11:59” are Lester Simmons, Tip, and Death. Some of their character traits are that they are stubborn, bullheaded, and clever.

18 Theme Never try to stop the inevitable.

19 3 Questions of the “11:59” Who is the main character in the story?
What is a porter? Who is the main character?

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