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Vocabulary List 2 English 3 Honors January 23, 2013.

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1 Vocabulary List 2 English 3 Honors January 23, 2013

2 Acquiesce Verb Ak-wee-es To agree without protest; to comply silently

3 Affinity Noun uh-fin-i-tee A natural, immediate liking for someone or something

4 Bevy Noun Bev-ee A large group as in a bevy of fish OR a bevy of options

5 Candor Noun Honesty, frankness

6 Derelict Adjective der-uh-likt Abandoned, run-down

7 Erudite Adjective er-oo-dahyt Characterized by great knowledge; learned and scholarly

8 Facetious Adjective fuh-see-shuh s Not meant to be taken seriously or literally

9 Hapless Adjective Hap-lis Unlucky; unfortunate

10 Hirsute Adjective hur-soot Covered in hair; hairy and shaggy

11 Incessant Adjective in-ses-uh nt] Unending; continuing without interruption

12 Laudatory Adjective Law-da-tuh- ree Full of praise; giving praise

13 Lithe Adjective lihyth Bending readily; flexible and pliant

14 Lurid Adjective loo r-id Shocking; glaringly sensational

15 Maelstrom Noun meyl-struhm Chaos; a restless, tumultuous, or disordered state of affairs

16 Paramour Noun par-uh-moo r A lover, especially one in an adulterous relationship

17 Prevaricate Verb Pri-var-i-keyt To lie; to deliberately create the wrong impression

18 Requiem Noun Rek-wee-uhm Any musical service, hymn, or dirge for the dead

19 Sacrosanct Adjective Sak-roh-sangkt Extremely sacred or holy

20 Supine Adjective soo-pahyn Inactive, passive, or inert, especially from indolence of indifference

21 Voracious Adjective Vor-a-shuhs Craving or requiring large quantities of something As in a voracious appetite or a voracious reader

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