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Lorie Stolarchuk Learning Technology Trainer 1 What has changed with the 2.7.X Upgrade to CLEW?

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1 Lorie Stolarchuk Learning Technology Trainer 1 What has changed with the 2.7.X Upgrade to CLEW?

2 Introduction The objective to this presentation, is to present some of the most important changes that will occur with the upgrade to CLEW 2.7.X. 2

3 New Features by Functions Basic Tools – Announcements, Calendar, Resources Basic Tools – Announcements, Calendar, Resources Interactivity: Polls, Forums, Wiki and Discussions Interactivity: Polls, Forums, Wiki and Discussions Managing Student Work: Assignments and Drop Box Managing Student Work: Assignments and Drop Box Recording Assessments: Gradebook Site Customization 3

4 Basic Tools – Announcements, Calendar, Resources 4 Menu

5 Announcements – Specify Dates “Specify Dates” when selected now, opens to checkboxes and drop-down options. More intuitive descriptions are now available for the options. 5 Menu

6 Announcements – Group Name The specified Group Name now appears in the in Email (if email notification has been selected). 6 Menu

7 Announcements – Groups (Preview) The Preview option now displays the Group(s) and Email Notification option selected. 7 Menu

8 Calendar – Default View Users can now choose to maintain display settings by selecting “Set as Default View”. 8 Menu

9 Calendar – Associated Site Indicated When viewing a Calendar entry from the “My Workspace” tab or from a Site, the associated site is displayed. 9 Menu

10 Calendar - Subscriptions 10 Menu Ability to export calendar subscriptions added.

11 Resources – Copyright Status 11 Menu Selection of an option is now mandatory.

12 Interactivity: Discussions, Forums, Polls and Wiki 12 Menu

13 Discussions – “Manage” Interface Improvements 13 Menu Now site managers can establish when Discussion Forums or Categories are visible or invisible, whether they are to “Lock on Due date” or they can designate special access to a Forum.

14 Discussions – Special Access 14 Menu

15 Discussions –Enable Grading – Category, Forum or Topic (available since 2010-2011) 15 Menu Upgrade improves interface.

16 Discussions – Enable Grading Forum or Topic (available since 2010-2011) Upgrade improves interface 16 Menu

17 Discussions – Grading Options Ability to release evaluated posts option now available. Also, Special Access can be given to enable grades to be visible or invisible to use until custom date / time, or to lock at custom date / time. 17 Menu

18 Discussions – Private Messages Emails now includes who it is “From.” 18 Menu

19 Discussions – Private Messages 19 Menu Includes “Delete” “Flag for follow-up” and “Preview” for new messages.

20 Forums – Interface Improvements 20 Now offers “Sort by Topic” and “Sort by Date” options, display options to advance to next or previous participants, and “Enter Student View” options. Menu

21 Forums – New Messages Clearer indicators of new messages in interface. 21 Menu

22 Forums – Read by number of users 22 The number of site members who have viewed and marked the post as read is now visible to both instructors and students. Menu

23 Forums – Email Directly to Responder 23 Menu When selecting the Email option on a posting, your email program will activate and will automatically include the email address of the contributor.

24 Forums – Notifications Options 24 Menu Now able to select “Watch” and the types of email notifications you wish to receive.

25 Forums – Word Count Visible in Reply 25 Menu Users can now see how many words they have entered into the Message box which updates automatically.

26 Forums – Link to specific message Able to now select and copy a link to a particular Forum for pasting into an email, Lessons, Announcements, Assignments, and Syllabus Entries (using the text editor). 26 Menu

27 Forums - Sortable 27 Menu Statistics Screen has Sortable Columns.

28 Forums – Default Forum Forums will now be initiated with a default Forum already set up. 28 Menu

29 Polls – Sortable 29 Menu Now Options, Votes, % columns are sortable.

30 Wiki – Navigation 30 Menu Navigation breadcrumbs now moved to the “Recently Visited” menu.

31 Managing Student Work: Assignments and Drop Box 31 Menu

32 Assignments – Resubmission Options 32 Menu Resubmission option now exists when creating assignment and multiple resubmissions can be selected from drop-down list.

33 Assignments - New Options 33 Menu Improved assignment notification and additional information options now available including “Model Answer”, “Private Note” and “All Purpose Item”.

34 Assignments - “Model Answer” Option Added 34 Menu Ability to provide a model answer, either as in-line text and / or as an attachment, and customizable display ability to “Show to students”.

35 Assignments – “Private Note” Option Added 35 Menu Ability to customize to whom you wish to share that private note with.

36 Assignments – “All Purpose Item” Option Added 36 Menu Ability to offer customized display of information.

37 Assignments – Customized Attachments (for “All Purpose Items”) 37 Menu Ability to customize the visibility of an item by date to whom you wish it to be visible to.

38 Assignments – Student Submit Reminder 38 Menu Now students have a reminder to “Save” or “Submit” an assignment when creating and /or uploading to Assignments tool.

39 Assignments – Download All Enhanced “Download All” Options (similar to “Upload All” with better descriptions) 39 Menu

40 Assignments – Enhanced “Upload All” Options Enhanced “Upload All” options based on the type of submission, and clearer release options. 40 Menu

41 Assignments – Released Grade Notification Email Options Instructors can choose to send an email to students when the grade is released. 41 Menu

42 Drop Box - Notification Options Ability to adjust email notification options. Default is set to “Allow email notifications to be sent.” 42 Menu

43 Recording Assessments: Gradebook 43 Menu

44 Gradebook Sorting in “Gradebook Items” (Instructor’s Interface) Instructors can now customize the display order for items and save the current settings after selecting the “Sorting” column. ” 44 Menu

45 Gradebook – Add Another Gradebook Item Now able to add multiple items at a time with the “Add Another Gradebook Item” link. 45 Menu

46 Gradebook – Import Grades Screen “Download Spreadsheet Template” 46 Menu There are now two file formats available to download as templates for working on grades in a spreadsheet program external to CLEW.

47 Gradebook – eGrade Exporting 47 Menu eGrade Drop-down Exporting options – Exporting to eGrade now appears in a drop-down menu.

48 Gradebook - Processing 48 Menu “Save and View Previous Gradebook Item” or “Save and View Next Gradebook Item” or “Return to the Items List” navigation buttons now available.

49 Gradebook – “All Grades” Screen File Export Options There are now two file format export options available. 49 Menu

50 Site Customization 50 Menu

51 Throughout Site - Enter / Exit Student View This link, when selected, will enable Instructors to view as a student would see the site. Select Exit Student View to return to the Instructor Interface. 51 Menu

52 Throughout Site - Permissions Display Improvements 52 Menu Available in Resources, Drop Box, Announcements, Calendar, Chat, Polls, Site Mailing List, Glossary, Assignments, Forums and Discussions. Now has an improved display and the ability to edit is more intuitive.

53 Manage Groups – Auto Groups 53 Menu Auto create groups by roles such as TA-Grader, Teaching Assistant, etc. now available.

54 Manage Groups - Create New Group There are now more intuitive interface labels to create new groups. 54 Menu

55 My Workspace – Preferences 55 Menu “Customize Tabs” is now the default page when entering Preferences.

56 My Workspace - Notifications 56 Menu New notifications now available to indicate which site has new postings in a Forum.

57 My Workspace – Memberships Search function now available. 57 Menu

58 Site Stats – Options in Interface 58 Menu Now more intuitive and has several frequently used statistical reports available.

59 Site Stats - Reports 59 Menu Several common predefined reports are now available along with the ability to add, customize and save a report.

60 Site Stats – Report Wizard 60 Menu Customizable wizard available to help generate reports.

61 Site Stats- Export Options 61 Menu Three file formats are now available for exporting reports.

62 Want to learn more? Many sources are available to learn about the features and functions in CLEW including: – In person at a CLEW workshop, available at – CLEW information site with tip sheets online at – Inline CLEW help within each tool. Press the blue question mark for help – CLEW Support web link in each site 62 Menu

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