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Twenty Questions Integumentary System Twenty Questions 2345 678910 1112131415 1617181920.

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2 Twenty Questions Integumentary System

3 Twenty Questions 2345 678910 1112131415 1617181920

4 1. An inflammation of the skin that produces a rash caused by coming in contact with a substance or stress is: Dermatitis

5 2. What part of the integumentary system would undergo the GREATEST change if a person eats an excessive amount of food in a three month period of time?? Subcutaneous layer

6 3. What type of burn involves complete destruction of the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer? Third degree

7 4. What muscle causes the skin to pucker around a hair when exposed to a sudden chill? Arrector pili

8 5. The layer of skin that contains the blood vessels, nerves, glands and hair follicles is the: Dermis

9 6. When topical medication is applied to the skin, which function of the skin is being utilized? Absorption

10 7. T/F The skin helps in the production of vitamin C by using ultraviolet rays from the sun to form an initial molecule of vitamin C that matures in the liver. False

11 8. Sebaceous glands secrete an oil for hair and skin called: Sebum

12 9. What disorder of the integumentary system causes potential infection of a newborn baby? Genital herpes

13 10. T/F Sudoriferous glands usually open into hair follicle False

14 11. Any changes in an existing wart or mole may be a sign of: Melanoma

15 12. The outer layer of the hair shaft is the: Cortex

16 13. Whats the pigment that gives color to the skin? Melanin

17 14. Whats the outermost layer of the epidermis? Stratum corneum

18 15. What is the function of the skin? Protection from germ invasion

19 16. T/F The skin is a membrane, organ, and system. True

20 17. When a normal hair is replaced by a very short, transparent hair, what condition results? Alopecia

21 18. T/F Athletes foot is a contagious viral infection that usually affects the feet. True

22 19. Sweat glands are found primarily in or on the: Axilla

23 20. T/F Papillae help form fingerprints and footprints True

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