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Zoo Animals.

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1 Zoo Animals

2 Zebras Come from Africa Eat grass
Have long legs to help them run away from lions. At the zoo they live in a large yard that gives them room to run. No two Zebras have the same stripe pattern.

3 Giant Panda Come from China. Favorite food is bamboo.
In one year a panda can eat more than 10,000 pounds of bamboo. In the Zoo they love to play with big balls and other toys.

4 Koala Koalas come from Australia.
They live in branches of eucalyptus trees. They love to eat branches, twigs, and bark.

5 Giraffe Giraffes are the tallest animals on earth. Some grow to be 19 feet tall. They come from Africa They have special tongues that allow them catch leaves from the tops of trees.

6 Kangaroo They come from Australia.
They can hop up to 25 feet at a time. Their long tails help them to balance while they are hopping. Mother kangaroos have special pouches to keep their babies safe and warm.

7 Sea Lion Sea Lions live around islands along sea coasts in many parts of the world. They eat fish, octopus, and squid. They are very fast swimmers and love to play in water. They can walk on land when they turn their hind flippers forward.

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