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The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors

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1 The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
ITRS Team Membership

2 ITRS Global Participation
The 2005/2006 ITRS has over participants worldwide.

3 ITRS Process Jointly sponsored by five regions of the world
Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the U.S.A. International Technology Working Groups (ITWGs) forecast the technology requirements and areas of needed innovation for 15 years Based on major technology disciplines Representatives are from each region's domestic working groups (DTWGs): industry, government labs, supplier community, consortia, and academia System Drivers Design Process Integration, Devices & Structures Front End Processes Emerging Research Devices Emerging Research Materials Lithography Interconnect Factory Integration Assembly & Packaging Test and Test Equipment Metrology Yield Enhancement Modeling & Simulation Environment, Safety & Health RF and Analog/Mixed-signal Techs. for Wireless Communications

4 ITRS Process

5 ITRS Teams International Roadmap Committee [IRC] -- each of the five regions send two-three representatives of their ITRS regional sponsor. These executives serve as the overall managers of their working group communities. While this is not an inclusive task list, some of the IRC activities include: setting the policy/guidelines for the ITRS process and information; sponsoring ITRS meetings, [sponsoring includes funding responsibility for these events]; co-authoring the Executive Summary; and reviewing the final draft of the ITRS. They are spokespeople for the ITRS. The IRC members provide the lists of their working groups’ representatives Technology Working Group [TWG] – team of technologists for a particular technology domain, e.g., Lithography, ESH, Modeling, etc.

6 ITRS Teams Domestic [regional] TWG [DTWG] – International TWG [ITWG] –
Each of the five regions have related TWGS for the following technologies: System Drivers/Design, Process Integration, Devices, & Structures [PIDS], Test and Test Equipment, RF and Analog/Mixed-signal for Wireless, Emerging Research Devices/Emerging Research Materials [ERD/ERM], Front end Processes [FEP], Lithography, Interconnect, Factory Integration, Assembly & Packaging, Environment, Safety, & Health [ESH], Yield Enhancement, Metrology, and Modeling & Simulation.  International TWG [ITWG] – Representatives from a DTWG, two from each regional DTWG are selected These ITWG members attend the ITRS ITWG/IRC meetings and conferences Work in CrossTWG teams and other meetings with their counterparts from the other four regions.

7 ITRS Teams - DTWG Management
Domestic [regional] TWG [DTWG] – Overall Responsibility DTWG management and funding are handled by the DTWG chair or co-chair. Membership Members are usually between people per region. DTWGs should have seven voting members [minimum membership number]. The required affiliation composition [very important] is as follows: 2- chip manufacturers 2- suppliers 2- consortia 1- research, either government or academia Each DTWG has a total of seven recognized voting members, with potentially many more expert members. This composition of voting members ensures that the consensus is based on equitable distribution of the industry sectors of chip makers, suppliers, consortia members, and researchers.

8 ITRS Teams - DTWG Management
Membership [continued] DTWG members accept those who they believe to be representative experts for their technology to be TWG members The DTWG may choose to vote on new members Some DTWGs choose to have "subTWG leaders and chairs for focus groups. Those subTWG leaders supply the DTWG chair/co chair or editorial contact with information regarding their chapter roadmaps. They do not send information onto me except as a courtesy. Budget DTWG budgets are managed by each DTWG chair for DTWG activities. [The SEMATECH ITRS budget does not fund DTWG activities.] Communications The DTWG chair or co-chair are responsible for all pass-downs from the ITWG meetings. Membership lists and address lists, as well as the work-in-progress sites on the internet are managed by the DTWG chair or co-chair, usually by their administrative assistant.

9 ITRS Teams - DTWG Management
Meetings The DTWG chair holds a minimum of quarterly meetings among that DTWG [monthly meetings are encouraged] and works directly with the other regional DTWGs’ chairs through tele- or video conferences and . As a suggestion… Many DTWG meetings are held in conjunction with other conferences or meetings where the same people will be, to help with room rental and other meeting costs. Meetings can be sponsored by the DTWG chair's company or organization in a conference facility for that company.

10 ITRS Department The IRC approves ITRS products, process, and schedules; the ITRS manager implements these decisions ITRS process definition and management Responsible for the project management aspects of the ITRS process ITRS publications and public communications Manages the publication / production of the ITRS documents, archives of all historical ITRS information [from 1992]. Fields general ITRS questions, copyright issues, and ITRS use permissions Directs press to appropriate ITWG/IRC individuals for in-depth ITRS information ITRS Websites Manages and funds three ITRS websites [public, ISMT member-only, and ITRS secure area]

11 ITRS Department ITWG and IRC meetings / ITRS public conferences
Manages and funds the summer ITRS meetings Serves as a consultant to the other global ITWG/IRC sponsors for their meetings and ITRS conferences ITWG/IRC Membership Support ITWG membership lists, addresses of the ITWG members and USA DTWG chairs, co-chairs and contact person Collects demographic information from all regions and provides a simple analysis of the composition of the ITRS teams.

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