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With Take Aim At Your Target Market & Increase Your Sales!

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1 with Take Aim At Your Target Market & Increase Your Sales!

2 Why eHomem@kers? Were cost-effective with low cost-per-lead Access a captive audience through our social digital network of members/subscribers and active bloggers Our members have high purchasing power: affluent, PC-literate, English-speaking, mostly women professionals/business owners Multiple tools for effective outreach – web, e-social network, e-news and print

3 Why eHomem@kers? Build a brand, dont just advertise on the Net. With our social network, you can! Definition of social networks: "Where technology and services create unique personal profiles, map out relationships and leverage those connections..." - Charlene Li, Forrester Research (TrendMarker May 2006, Universal McCann)

4 Why eHomem@kers? Utilise your web ad effectively The scope and influence of the Net now offers fresh opportunities for advertisers… There's an exciting dynamism in advertising, with bloggers, gamers, social networkers, and podcasters charting a new reality for brand building - Universal McCann managing director Gaurav Bhasin

5 Why eHomem@kers? According to TrendMarker, (also reported in The Star and NST report "Getting Net Savvy"), digitally socialised networks offer distinct advantages over mere web ads. How? - 10 million active Net users in Malaysia - 40% spent more than three hours daily on the Net - of this group 18% > 6 hours, 41% from 1 to 3 hours

6 Why eHomem@kers? - 31% click on banner advertisements - 27% participate in promotions - 41% read sponsored pages at least once weekly - 14% of bloggers trusted brand reviews they read and were positively inclined to try a brand - 64% of local bloggers are women

7 Your perfect advertisement partner Digitally socialised network Our active forum/blog community builds relationships with members and visitors Build your brand, draw attention to your products/ services and get involved with our social networking community!

8 Your perfect advertisement partner Cost-effective advertising cost-per-lead beginning from RM0.001 only Multiple mediums to showcase your product or service web-based or print Stretch your advertising budgetfurther! Stretch your advertising budget further!

9 Your perfect advertisement partner Tell more than 400,000* people about your business! high average web traffic monthly* Opt-in permission marketing from 25,000 of your potential customers – and growing! 12,000 subscribed e-newsletter members 13,000 subscribed print newsletter members Global rank 392,094; Malaysia: 6,344 in web traffic ranking

10 Affluent, consumer-driven target High purchasing power: 66% above average! average member household income RM5000 compared to national average of RM3011*; * Price Waterhouse Coopers 2004/2005 Global Consumer & Retail Study

11 Affluent, consumer-driven target Consumer- driven membership comprising 68% women; most are professionals with families and children who have opted to work their own home-based businesses

12 Affluent, consumer-driven target Mobile homemakers, career-savvy they represent mobile career professionals who are IT-knowledgeable, enjoy a flexi-time lifestyle of their choosing, educated and English Language-literate

13 Nationwide reach Majority in affluent Klang Valley: KL & Selangor

14 So who are we? A non-profit, social enterprise with an online network of home-based entrepreneurs, teleworkers and ICT savvy homemakers A loyal community of members grown and nurtured over the last 10 years through dedicated support, business alliances, and community-wide opportunities

15 So who are we? Local and international collaboration we have cultivated an effective network of partnerships with local and international organisations Access to training, funding and solutions for startups and small businesses

16 So who are we? Recognition and respect we create media attention and international recognition with our community-based work the only active English-speaking, niche tele-working community in Asia-Pacific with high regional growth potential Salaam Wanita Eco-Baskets Project

17 So who are we? In the news eHomemakers Founder Profiled By BBC Online, United Nations and International Development Research Centre Salaam Wanita's Eco-Baskets On Sale In Washington, DC eHomemakers Featured In Commonwealth Foundations June, 06 news

18 So who are we? In the news eHomemakers Leads Regional Research on Homeworkers And ICT eHomemakers as the resource pool for international gender/ICT expertise and speaking circuit Global broadcast of documentary on eHomem@kers on 28 Feb 2007

19 A proven and recognised network Some international awards and accolades Pan-Asia Award Grants – 2002, 2003 Womens Electronic Network Training Award to the founder at the World Summit on Information Society, Geneva, 2003 Gender and Information & Communication Technology Awards (Runner-Up; 2005) International Development Research Centre Regional Research Award Grant

20 10 th anniversary We are celebrating so take advantage of our special rates today! Selected advertising options discounted at 12% - 15% off standard rates

21 Web advertising WEB BANNER ADS cost-per-lead RM0.0015 to RM0.075 over 400,000 monthly web visitors Premium web banner ad RM3000/m 364W x 170H pixels Top web banner ad RM2200/m 351W x 60H pixels RM600/m Web panel 88W x 31H pixels

22 Web advertising WEB BANNER ADS invest 6 months, get 1 month free invest 12 months, get 2 months free

23 Web advertising E-NEWSLETTER (MONTHLY) cost-per-lead RM0.001 to RM0.002 Over 12,000 subscribers 150W x 80H pixels RM400 250W x 100H pixels RM600 325W x 80H pixels RM800

24 Web advertising E-NEWSLETTER (MONTHLY) invest 6 months, free 1 month invest 12 months, free 2 months

25 Print advertising QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER cost-per-lead from RM0.89 to RM1.15* 13,000 subscribers 2 pages including corporate logo on website for 10 years - RM11,500* cover page + 1 page and logo display on website for 10 years - RM14,900* * calculation does not include pass-on rate and web exposure

26 Print advertising QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER Source of reference for 13,000+ readers!

27 Reach out globally! Book your spot for December, 07 – limited spaces available! Printed newsletters to be distributed to 22,000 local members and international delegates at the Global Knowledge Partners III (GKPIII)

28 Reach out globally! 2 pages incl logo on cover, and logo display on website for 10 years – RM18,700 cost-per-lead RM0.80* cover page + 1 page and logo display on website for 10 years – RM25,300 cost-per-lead RM1.08* * calculation does not include pass-on rate and web exposure

29 Book your ad space now Dont keep your potential customers waiting! Advertise with eHomem@kers and increase your sales today

30 Need more info? Contact us And Hit Your Target Market! Corpcom Services Sdn Bhd (340200-A) c/o RS Management Tel: 03-7879 3754. Fax: 03-7727 3959. Web: Email:

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