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LOYOLA (AUTONOMOUS) COLLEGE Department of English Bridge Course, 2013 Unit 7: A. Devaraj.

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1 LOYOLA (AUTONOMOUS) COLLEGE Department of English Bridge Course, 2013 Unit 7: A. Devaraj

2 UNIT 7: DIALOGUES & CONVERSATIONS Grammar focus: 1 interrogative 2 affirmative 3 negative & 4 emphatic sentences Target skill: Speaking Sub skills: 1 Prosodic: intonation, stress 2 Deictic 3 Ellipsis

3 Non-fluency features (Crystal & Davy, 1969) Hesitations Fillers False starters Track changers

4 Interaction markers Turn takers Overlaps Interruptions Reinforcements

5 Topic changers Greetings Directions Comments – weather, dress, behaviour Problem – focus Caution Winding up

6 Desired behaviour More personal Participative & interactive Conveying a warmth between the speaker & the listener Chatting mode Informal

7 Focus Sharing information Expressing intimacy Inference New information Presupposition

8 Activities Attendance & recap -10 mints Agreeing -10mints Disagreeing -10 mints Seeking & giving permission -10 mints Mental gym -10 mints Listening: 1. Competitive & combative listening -10 mints 2. Passive & attentive listening – 10 mints 3. Active & reflective listening – 10 mints

9 Activities… Functional conversation: 30 mints 1. Offering suggestion 2. Giving advice 3. Asking questions 4. Telephone & mobile conversation Language game: 10 mints

10 Lexical items Courtesy indicators: Will I be able to… Could you please… Will you please… Do you mind… May I …Could you…

11 Recap Recall within 10 minutes the previous unit Description Narration Adjectives(2 examples) Adverb(2 examples) Present tense(2 examples) Past tense(2 examples)

12 Run Start with a fill in the blank: (Between mother & daughter) Mom: Anju, how are you? Anju: Im fine ma. How are you? Mom: ________________ Anju: _________________ Mom: _________________ Anju: Okay ma. Ill give you a call before I start. Bye!

13 Caution As you write the conversation on the board, the students will rack their brains to get the conversation completed. Please do not give any lead. Let them think & bring out as many exchanges as possible.

14 Methodology Socratic/ eclectic/ dialectical method, involving oppositional discussion, inducing a critical thinking on the subject leading to the illumination of the subject. Some leads: Where do you think the conversation takes place? What does the mother insist on?

15 Greeting Ask the students to work in pairs. Let each pair churn out a conversation. Ask a few pairs to face the class and (not read out) converse in front of the class. Please do not hurry up. As this is an easy exercise. Many will come forward. Help & encourage. They will get motivated. Add value to their work; appreciate then & there.

16 Getting introduced Introduce the topic. Repeat the earlier technique. Add more questions for variety.

17 Some more topics Between friends Between relatives Seeking permission Inviting a person Declining an invitation Offering suggestion Giving advice Asking questions Telephone / mobile conversation

18 A word of caution, please! Encourage the learners to speak / talk freely Do not stop or interrupt their dialogue delivery for correcting their mistakes. This can be done at the end anonymously

19 Thank you! Arputharaj Devaraj Associate Prof. in English Loyola College Chennai 600 034

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