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Maggi Carstairs 2009 How to Take Action Photos Photography Maggi Carstairs 2009.

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1 Maggi Carstairs 2009 How to Take Action Photos Photography Maggi Carstairs 2009

2 What is Action photography “action photography” is photographing anything that moves. This creates additional challenges beyond the usual exposure, focus, perspective and DOF issues with static subjects. Whether it’s sports action, candid shots of children or pets, birds in flight, an air show, street photography, or an artistic rendering of a flowing waterfall, a moving subject introduces a whole new dimension.

3 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Panning is one method. This is holding the camera focused on the action and moving the camera along with the action. Eg someone running As the action moves, then click to capture a blurry effect that represents movement

4 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Continuous shooting…keep taking photos one after Another and you will get some blurry shots where the Action is. You can capture some interesting photos using This method

5 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Shutter priority is where you select a 5 second timing And this slower time makes the photos clearer. This is also good for night photography as well As Action shots as the lower light, as well as the action of the lights and constant movement will Otherwise blur the photo

6 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Stopping the action at the vital moment. You have To be alert and ready to Click the camera as soon As the action peak is Reached.

7 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Using the manual mode In your camera and stopping The shutter at just the right moment. If you are taking aplanned action shot, make sure you Are placed correctly for The photo. This photo relies on the Photographer being at the Right spot at jist the right time

8 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Using a slower aperture..1/30 or 1/60 with a tripod Then setting focus to ‘wide’ This setting is very good for action photos as they Come out much clearer than the usual auto setting The background is blurred but the action is sharp

9 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Catching the action at just The right moment using a fast Setting 1/400 Digital cameras have a ‘sport’ Setting which does the same thing

10 Maggi Carstairs 2009 You need a tripod with a zoom lens for this detail Birds simply zoomed up are not clear as when Zooming, you lose clarity. Using a tripod will keep the clarity. If possible an automatic control is even better

11 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Knowing your sport and anticipating the action helps You need to anticipate the action and click the shutter At just the right moment. These were taken from a stadium using a long lens A photographer creates hos own luck by being ready

12 Maggi Carstairs 2009 taken from a cruise boat, during a pelican feeding session. Lots of seagulls were hovering above the boat, trying to steal the food being thrown to the pelicans. There was plenty of light this time…shutter priority 1/640 to make sure the bird in flight …. seagulls are easier than most. They hover for a second or two, facing into the breeze, before they charge off Don't hesitate or you'll miss the shot.

13 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Manual exposure of 1/500 to ‘freeze’ the action You can create the same effect with very slow Shutter speeds and a tripod

14 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Panning and catching the action at just the right moment

15 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Double Exposures to show movement

16 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Using ‘Sport’ Mode This is the easiest option Sometimes you will get Marvellous shots, but Sometimes you don’t. I also use the ‘sports’ mode For taking photos out of Moving cars...when it is the Photographer doing the moving

17 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Anticipate Be ready to click the camera

18 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Night Lights

19 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Shooting something That is happening And you don’t have Time to set up the Camera Use Continuous Shooting and a Burst frame and You will get lucky

20 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Camera and Body Movement The biggest mistake people can make is movement Do not move your body or the camera If possible balance the camera on anything stable If you do not have a tripod. I have used walls, bins, And anything else that is still. In the excitement of watching the action, sometimes You move the camera away too fast. Take time to concentrate and make sure you Are not moving until the shutter has clicked.

21 Maggi Carstairs 2009 This information came from Flickr 2157600206256446/ 2157600206256446/ The photos are from this site, and the comments were modified to fit the Lesson Thank you to the photographers for this useful information and great photos

22 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Maggi Carstairs action-photography-sport-and-leisure- photography action-photography-sport-and-leisure- photography

23 Maggi Carstairs 2009 Thank you for viewing this lesson Maggi Carstairs

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