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Digital Camera Research

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1 Digital Camera Research
Unit 1

2 Objective You will be going on an online shopping trip. You have 3 clients – a teenage girl, TBSHS ICT Department and professional photographer who specialises in animal photography Each have their own budget and requirements. They will all need justification on what you spent the money on. i.e. brand, mega pixels, lens, zoom, battery life etc

3 The teenage girl Budget - £150
Digital Camera that is small and easy to carry around (small handbag) Good flash and red eye reduction Large storage capacity (for party nights) Easy download Easy to use Pouch

4 TBSHS ICT Department Budget - £500 Digital camera Tripod
Good quality – use for coursework Image stabilizer Durability as students will be taking them out. Good focus Use for iMedia Digital Graphics

5 Professional Photographer
Budget - £1,000 Professional Digital SLR camera Tripod (tall one) Extra lens for zooming Timer Shock proof Good lens, focus – capturing fast animals Manual controls for different conditions

6 Things to consider Mega Pixels Lens Zoom Sensor Battery life
Storage capacity Size of the actual camera

7 Tell them what it means Without using jargons explain these technical terms… On a separate document write down what they mean – this document can be given to all 3 of them

8 Technical stuff Aperture Compression Depth of field Image sensor
Interpolation LCD viewfinder Mega pixel Memory card Pixel Shutter speed Digital vs. Optical zoom

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