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First European Conference on Moisture Measurement Weimar Germany Biological Properties of Water Exposed to Mobile Phone Radiation University of Informatics.

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1 First European Conference on Moisture Measurement Weimar Germany Biological Properties of Water Exposed to Mobile Phone Radiation University of Informatics & Radioelectronics Minsk Belarus October 06, 2010 Valery Shalatonin, Valery Mishchenko

2 Outline Motivation Investigation of electromagnetic properties of water; Goals of this work; Overview Biological effects of the non-thermal electromagnetic field; reception of the weak EMF by water (body fluids) as a possible biophysical mechanism; Biological effects of the following types of water: clustered water, diluted with distilled water; liquid water submitted to a static magnetic field. Methods and Experiments Possible biophysical mechanism Conclusions

3 Motivation Investigation of electromagnetic properties of water: they may play an important role in physiological and pathological processes of life, especially in connection with the increasing environmental exposures to artificial electromagnetic fields. This work: Experimental demonstration of non-classical information storage in water; Experimental demonstration of the possible presence in EM radiation of an unknown biologically active physical component; A new approach to the explanation of the long-term changes in water exposed to the EM radiation.

4 During 50-60 past years, the background level of EMF from electrical sources has risen exponentially, most recently by the soaring popularity of wireless technologies such as mobile phones, cordless phones, WI-FI and WI-MAX networks. All this causes a complicated and powerful electromagnetic environment. It is stronger that the natural electromagnetic environment caused by the earth magnetism and lightning. Several decades of international scientific research confirm that even weak EMFs are biologically active in animals and in humans. This has led to real public concern about their possible impact on health. Artificial EM radiation and living organisms

5 There is a Problem: This presentation explores a question that has arisen from the experimental studies: how EM fields with such minute energies could have any biological effects. At present we still have no generally accepted mechanism to explain how non-thermal EM fields energies could be a reason for any biomedical effects. Biological effects of EM fields in search of the mechanism. The interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological systems is also of interest because of fundamental scientific applications and potential medical benefits (in addition to the possible human health hazards).

6 One of the mechanisms under investigation is related to the structure and function of water, especially water in living cells Organisms consist mostly of liquid water.This water performs many functions and it can never be considered simply as an inert solvent. We are still largely ignorant about the structure of liquid water and the structure of aqueous solutions in general. Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel prize laureate. In spite of much work, many of the properties of water are still puzzling. One of the peculiarities of water is its high sensitivity to external influences and preservation of the memory of them for some time. Water, water, everywhere An approach to the solution of the Problem

7 Сеціва Паказаць наладкі... Вынікі ад 1 да 10 з прыблізна 49 800 000 па запыце memory of water. (0,21c)

8 The memory of water hypothesis, as a mechanism for how weak EMF might cause the biological effects The approximate shape and charge distribution of water molecule According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica,... The water molecule is not linear but bent in a special way. As a result, part of the molecule is positively charged and part negatively charged. It is thus a highly polar molecule. + – The resulting polarity of charge causes molecules of water to be attracted to each other forming strong molecular bonds. Each water molecule is surrounded on average by four other water molecules. the oxygen has a bit more negative charge, the hydrogen has a bit more positive charge

9 A possible approach for the water memory is a dynamic ordering of waters constantly switching network of intermolecular hydrogen bonds, induced, for example, by the magnetic, electric and EMFs.. Water clustering Structured water frozen water (ice) Water can constitute several types of clusters: 1.Micro-clustered water (e.g.,stable hexamer); 2.Macro-clustered water (e.g., icosahedral water ).

10 Seeing is believing Images showing clusters of various sizes and shapes formed by accretion of water molecules. Changes take place as a function of time. The cluster indicated by the arrow is made of three smaller clusters separated by approximately 10 Å. This cluster has rotated by 180° between (A) and (B) and is later rearranged into a set of connected hexagons in (C). The brighter spots at the edges are water molecules which are not yet in their final configuration. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA) was the first institution to obtain the photo of water hexamers, particularly stable form of water cluster, using scanning tunneling microscopy. From: T. Mitsui, M. K. Rose, E. Fomin, D. F. Ogletree, M. Salmeron. Water Diffusion and Clustering on Pd(111), Science, 13 September 2002, Vol. 297. Image size: 90 Å × 90 Å

11 Preparing of clustered water and its biological properties The starting water vapor is passed across a magnetic field, treated by laser, stabilized in a special ceramic unit which yields microclustered water. The product is a nano-size liquid crystal that resonates at a designed and predictable low frequency (74-98 Hz). The original clustered water is diluted with distilled water about 10 6-20 times. Lorenzen, L.H., Microclustered water, United States Patent, 6 033- 678, 2000. Compared to distilled water, the clustered water possesses many beneficial functions, such as -anti-bacteria (Candida albicans…), -anti-oxidant, -immune stimulation, -balancing of intra- and extra-cellular water, -stabilization of blood sugar level activity (anti-diabetic therapy)!! From: Pan J., at al. Low Resonant Frequency Storage and Transfer in Structured Water Cluster, IEEE 2003 SMC Proceedings. There are many reputable clustered water systems. An example: How does it work ? The low frequency information, stored in structured clustered water exhibits biological signals which travel along the meridian system to certain target organs to induce desirable biological changes. Laboratory studies

12 The above references demonstrate that very important part of the biological effects connected with the existence of stable water clusters in aqueous solutions. But these results can not explain how the non- thermal magnetic and EM fields could essentially affect the hydrogen bonds in water during clustering. Jerman I., Berden M., Ruzic R. (1996): Biological influence of ultra weak supposedly EM radiation from organisms mediated through water. Electro & Magnetobiology 15(3): 229-244. The problem of the biological effects of the weak EM fields still remains unsettled: The results showed that normal seeds given water exposed to dying spruce seedlings reacted with significant slowing of germination and had a tendency to grow more slowly than controls (watered by ordinary water). So many significant differences reveal that something in the exposed water influenced the seeds. This line of experiments thus demonstrates indirect evidence for some form of ultra weak most probably EM emission from living beings, that such emission alters water in some as yet unknown way, and that organisms can influence each other through indirect non-chemical and perhaps electromagnetic alteration of water. The authors examined the possibility that ultra weak EM emission from living beings changes the structure of water.

13 The section of a standing-wave magnetic structure of the distilled water sample following the exposure of the EM radiation at 386.4 MHz for 15 min. We believe that the discovered frequency of 386.4 MHz is a resonance excitation of the water. The water is very sensitive to this frequency and forms fairly big patterns that give a possibility for more exact measurements. It should be noted that this frequency is near the high frequency branch of the heart meridian (C. Cardella, 2001). The obtained patterns resemble the recently discovered layered charge structures of the oxygen and hydrogen nucleus in water molecules. Three – layered magnetic structure surrounds the exposed water at its resonant frequency From: V. Shalatonin, Mobile phones and health: key role of human body fluids in bioeffects of non-thermal EM radiation. Proc. of the Int. Conference, 2008. F = 386.4 MHz

14 From: Islam M. M., Kašpar J., Luddy R. J., Prokudin A. V., Proc. Of the 13th Conf. on Elastic and Diffractive Scattering, USA, July 2009. The results of 25 years of elastic- scattering experiments with protons and antiprotons suggest a model of the proton with a layered structure We suppose that the stable magnetic structures (see above) are the result of the collective and coherent microscopic phenomena involving many nucleus. In other words, water has the macroscopic quantum properties that correspond to the stable charge structure of the atomic nuclei and so can give rise to the long-term effects. Three-layered structure of the nucleus

15 But, on the other hand, the forces between the individual components of the nucleus - the nucleons - vary according to distance in a manner remarkably similar to those between molecules in a liquid. At very short distances, the binding forces repel; at medium nucleon distances, they attract. In fact, in many ways, atomic nuclei behave very much like drops of liquid !!. There are data supporting our suggestion Almost all of atoms matter is located in the nucleus. Atomic nuclei are thus unimaginably dense compared to chemical elements or chemical compounds. The density of a nucleus is more than 14 orders of magnitude (10 14 ) greater than that of water. In such a case an interesting question occurs: can nuclear matter - like ordinary water - change state and become, for example, gaseous. The physicist's response to such a question is on the next slide.

16 The caloric curve of nuclear matter (left diagram) exhibits behavior analogous to the temperature curve of boiling water (right diagram). The nuclear matter temperature remains constant for a time despite an increase in excitation energy before eventually beginning to climb again. The data measured by GSI are shown in red (compared to data from other labs). The curves are very similar From the article: The Stuff that Nuclei Are Made Of, Aug 30, 2002 (www.weltderphysik.www.weltderphysik de/de/951.php) Nuclear matter and water can be in the solid, liquid, or gaseous state depending on its temperature and pressure. The phase transitions are fairly similar. T(K)

17 Methods and Experimens The drinking bottled water for grain watering was preliminarily being exposed to the EM radiation from GSM-900 MP type Nokia, which was connected to a personal computer through an interface cable. The MP was programmed via special software to change power, carrier frequency and other parameters of the EM radiation. The goal of this experiments was to determine if the water samples exposed to radio frequent EM radiation could change its biological properties. As a detector of the exposed water activity were used wheat grains, which were watering by this water. The exposure time was 1.5 hours at an average power density of 70 μW/cm 2. A glass with water was located 5 - 6 cm away from the MP antenna. Photo 1

18 The typical radio spectrum of the emitted radiation is shown in Fig.1. The radio signal included standard GSM modulation. GSM-900 uses 890–915 MHz to send information from the mobile phone to a base station, providing 124 RF channels (channel numbers 1 to 124) spaced at 200 kHz. Fig. 1. Power spectrum of the MP electromagnetic radiation Methods and Experimens

19 Two samples of water, one of which was exposed to mobile phone EM radiation and the second one was the same but with regular water were used for watering the equal amount of grains placed in two equal cups (200 grains in each cup). The quantity of the grains in each cup and its watering were equal throughout the experiment. watering with the ordinary water watering with the exposed water (f = 902.4 MHz) The first experiment was conducted from March 12th to March 20th, 2010 The 4th day of the experiment March 15th March 15th

20 watering with the ordinary water watering with the exposed water The 8th day of the experiment The first experiment was conducted from March 12th to March 20th, 2010 March 20th March 20th

21 Fig. 2: Number and length of the sprouts for two groups of wheat grains. The MP operated at a carrier frequency of 902, 4 MHz (62nd uplink channel of GSM900). a - watered with the ordinary water; b - watered with the exposed water Results of the experiment which was conducted from March 12th to March 20th, 2010 F = 902.4 MHz New physical techniques, based on the application of magnetic fields including irrigation with magnetically treated water, are developing in agriculture. The better and quicker growth of plants was reported by many scientists.

22 The glass is shielded by a polyethyl ene film. The experiment was conducted from March 23 to March 31, 2010 The drinking bottled water F = 902.4 MHz

23 Seven days later The experiment was conducted from March 23 to March 31, 2010 The biological properties of the exposed water were being changed radically if an ordinary polyethylene film was placed between the mobile phone and the water sample during the exposition. In such a way the exposed water has influenced number of shoots and their growth negatively. Shielded water Ordinary water Exposed water

24 Fig.3: Number and length of the shoots for different groups of wheat grains Results of the experiment which was conducted from March 23 to March 31, 2010 F = 902.4 MHz a - watered with the ordinary water; b - watered with the exposed water; c – watered with the shielded and exposed water. In comparison with the static magnetic field the use of the EM field give us the possibility to change the imprinted in water information by changing the carrier radio frequency.

25 Results of the experiment which was conducted from June 19 to June 28, 2010 Wheaten shoots Rye shoots The frequency of exposure is 914, 2 MHz (121 channel). The exposure duration is 1.5 hours. a - watered with the ordinary water; b - watered with the exposed water; c – watered with the shielded and exposed water F = 914.2 MHz

26 Wheaten and rye grains can improve their germination and development when watering with water, preliminary exposed to the EM radiation from a MP. The biological activity of the exposed water depends strongly on the carrier frequency size; Exposed water has macroscopic properties which correspond to the microscopic layered charge structure of the hydrogen and oxygen nucleons; It seems that the appearance of the long-term structural changes in the exposed water is conditioned by the additional physical component inherent in EM radiation. Polyethylene film due to a high concentration of hydrogen changes the essentials of this component; The natural and artificial non-thermal EM fields may interact with the bio- signaling pathway through liquid, especially water; The study confirms long-known health risks associated with mobile phone technologies. Outlook: The described phenomena deserve full scientific attention. They are not only promising for biomedical applications but could lead to the unknown fundamental laws and and characteristics of matter, energy and information. Conclusions

27 Thank you for your attention

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