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HPC and Cloud Technologies in Greece and South Eastern Europe Tryfon Chiotis GRNET.

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1 HPC and Cloud Technologies in Greece and South Eastern Europe Tryfon Chiotis GRNET

2 2 state-owned company (SA) under GSRT established in 1998 provide advanced e-infrastructures/services to the Greek academic and research institutions: –National and international connectivity –Infrastructures/services (network, computing, storage) to the community promotion and dissemination of ICT in the public and private sector

3 3 > 100 universities, research centers, academic organizations > 15.000 schools > 1.000.000 users Dark fiber backbone ( Nx10 Gbps) access 1 || 10 Gbps per institution International connectivity through GEANT network 3*10 Gbps Neutral point for the Greek Internet Exchange (GRIX ) node – peering all Greek ISPs at 10Gbps each GRID services Storage Services –(e.g. Online Storage-Pithos, 50 or 100 GB/user–6500 users per day) VPS VM provisioning (>400 VMs) & Public Cloud (~okeanos) 2 DataCenters (NRC & Ministry of Education premises) GRNET numbers:

4 4 35 PoPs –8410km fibers (IRU) MANs Attiki & Thessaloniki DF loops 33 cities Single-mode fiber pair 15-years IRUs Availability >> 99%

5 5 Cloud Services Virtual Private Servers (VPS) –Persistent volumes/longevity/non volatile VMs (RACKSPACE style) Public Cloud Service ~okeanos (VM, volumes) –Short lived/volatile instances (high churn rate) Amazon (AWS) style Online File Storage Service (Amazon S3 like) –Files, groups, REST API

6 6 Public Cloud Service ~okeanos Deliver IaaS to GRNETs customers direct: IT depts of connected institutions indirect: university students, researchers in academia Other IaaS efforts (Amazon, Rackspace, Nimbula, Nebula, GoGrid etc) Amazon EC2 not an end-user service Need to develop custom UI, AAI layers Vendor lock-in Unsuitable for IT depts persistent, long-term servers, custom networking requirements Nimbula Director offers similar functionality


8 GRNET and HPC -Invited by the Ministry of Development to submit a proposal which will support Greeces participation in PRACE. -Goal is the development of a national HPC infrastructure that will join PRACEs Tier-1 European infrastructure. -Budget 3.5 MEuro -Procurement and installation of HPC infrastructure -Operation and provision of support services

9 Technical specs and target applications - Aiming for at least a ~150 Tflops supercomputing system -Petabyte level storage -Hosting in GRNETs existing Datacenter -Support for a wide range of scientific disciplines: Biomedicince, Bioinformatics, Computational Engineering, Physics, Metoerology, Climatology, Seismology, Computational Chemistry etc. -Based on the results of the HellasHPC feasibility study -National survey among 29 academic and research institutes (summer 2010) -Collected requirements from 200 scientific applications developed by 162 research teams from various scientific domains

10 High-Performance & Supercomputing: HP-SEE 33 months 3,88 m project, 540MMs 120 Tflops aggregate 2 BlueGene machines Larger procurements coming up Close links to PRACE Possibility of a joint Tier-1 centre Balance of national and EC funds Towards long-term sustainable European hierarchical model 10

11 Key results: HPC Initiatives Support the setup of national HPC task forces or their incorporation in existing structures –National HPC initiatives guidelines provided –Governance, organizational, operational, training and dissemination details provided –D2.2: National HPC task-force modeling and organizational guidelines Recommendations for HPC centers procurement provided –Legal, procedural, technical and planning –D2.1: Procurement guidelines analysis Regional collaboration models in definition: Draft resource sharing MoU in place Liaison with PRACE, other pan-European activities, and world-wide initiatives

12 HP-SEE: Project Objectives Objective 1 – Empowering multi-disciplinary virtual research communities Objective 2 – Deploying integrated infrastructure for virtual research communities –Including a GEANT link to Southern Caucasus Objective 3 – Policy development and stimulating regional inclusion in pan-European HPC trends Objective 4 – Strengthening the regional and national human network

13 Crucial for regional cooperation: policy development and political support Project: South-East European Area for eInfrastructures Area: "INFRA-2008-3.1: ERA-NET supporting cooperation for research infrastructures in all S&T fields Start: 1 April 2009 Duration: 36 months Project type: Coordination and support action Partnership: Ministry partners + eInfra partners programme manager partners Core Objective: Develop and strengthen the coordination and cooperation of national eInfrastructures programmes in the region of South- East Europe.

14 SEERA-EI: policy level collaboration Establishing a communication platform for programme owners, at Analysis of past and current eInfrastructure programmes and funding modalities Joint training events; bilateral visits Best Practices identification National programme cookbook Studies for joint operations centers, network (SEELight), HPC (regional ops centers) Joint pilot call between Ministries in cloud computing Join regional strategy and vision MoU 14 Common vision & strategy

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