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Fun with English 5B Yangzhong Fengyu Primary School.

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2 Fun with English 5B Yangzhong Fengyu Primary School

3 Name: Zhao Wan chi From: Yangzhong Hobbies: Taking photos, listening to music

4 Introduce yourself: Im … / My name is … Im from… I like/My hobby is … …

5 We are from China. We are Chinese. We speak Chinese.

6 He is Liu Xiang.He is Chinese(. He is from China. He speaks Chinese.

7 Shes Orga(. She speaks English. Shes from the USA. Shes American.

8 I speak English. Im American. Im Phelps(. Im from the USA.

9 I speak English. Im British. Im Beckham(. Im from the UK.

10 Im from. ( ) Im. ( ) I speak. ( )


12 English Club visitor Whats the visitors name? His name is Tony White.

13 1.Tony White is from. a. London b.New York 2.Liu Tao is from. a. Beijing b.Shanghai New York is a big city in the USA. b b

14 New York Id like to visit it. visitor

15 Name Country ( ) Nationality ( ) Language ( ) David and Nancy Ben the UK British English and Chinese the USA American English and French ( ) 1. 2. Skip Reading Skills :

16 1.Who is from the USA? 2.Are Wang Bing and Liu Tao from the same city? 3.Does Tony want to visit Shanghai? Tony and Ben are from the USA. Yes,he does. He wants to visit it. He would like to visit it. No,they are from different cities. 1. 2. Intensive Reading Skills ( :

17 They are from different countries. country


19 Fill in the blanks. Nancy and David are from_____ _______. Theyre__________. They speak________ and ____________. Wang Bing and Liu Tao are from______. Theyre__________. They speak_________. The English Club has a _______, Tony White. He and _______ are from _______ _______. They speak __________. Ben speaks _______, too. visitor Ben the USAEnglish French China Chinese the UK British English Chinese

20 Homework: 1.Read the text after the tape. 2. Surf the Internet and try to learn more about countries.

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